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Everything You Need To Know About JioMoney

As digital payment platforms are gaining a significant response from the consumers due to government’s initiative, most of the big tech giants are entering into this segment. One of the prominent players who has changed the telecom sector to a great extent, Reliance Jio is also offering its services in digital wallet segment and as the platform is quite new, here are some frequently asked questions about JioMoney.

JioMoney – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to register for JioMoney?

Answer: A user can download the app through Google Play Store or Apple Store and install the app. When open, the app will take to the registration page where one can follow simple steps to create the account.

Question: Who is eligible for a Jio’s digital wallet account?

Answer: Any user who is above 10 years of age can use JioMoney and operate.

Question: What are the security measures in JioMoney account?

Answer: The app store sensitive information of a user on its secured servers, which is backed by world-class security procedures and cutting-edge technology. The credentials used by consumers are kept intact with the company and not shared with anyone when a user pays with the wallet. Further, a user should not share its sensitive information like mPIN and password details with anyone.

Question: What if I lose my phone, is my JioMoney amount safe?

Answer: If a user lost its phone then also the money is 100% safe in the wallet. As the wallet is operated through mPIN and password, nobody can access the information on your JioMoney. Further, if you suspect any unauthorized activity on your wallet, then you can suspend your account and block payment by calling the customer service number 1800-891-999 or can write to [email protected]

Question: Who can sign up for Jio’s digital wallet?

Answer: A user who has a Registered mobile number with any telecom operator can sign-up with JioMoney.

Question: What are the different types of accounts offered by JioMoney?

Answer: Jio’s wallet offers two types of accounts:

  1. Basic Account: A basic account user can make transaction up to Rs. 10,000 per calendar month. No documents are required for ‘Basic Account’.
  2. Advanced Account: A premium account user can store Rs. 1,00,000 stored in the JioMoney account for any calendar month, and make unlimited transactions.

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Question: Any charges involved for using Jio wallet?

Answer: No, there are no charges for using JioMoney

Question: Does JioMoney has any expiry policy?

Answer: No, your account is valid till the time you registered mobile number is in use.

Question: How many JioMoney account can a person hold?

Answer: Only one account.

Question: How can a user load money on its account?

Answer: A user can load money through Net Banking, credit/debit card.

Question: How can a user link bank accounts/cards to JioMoney?

Answer: By logging into the app, and clicking on “Add card/Bank account” under the manage Accounts section.

Question: What will happen if a user fails to load his account?

Answer: If a user is unable to make the payment due to failure, the deducted amount will be refunded to the account or card.

Question: Does the money loaded in the account has any sort of expiry?

Answer: No.

Question: Who all can a user pay using Jio wallet?

Answer: For all the Jio services, e-commerce websites, utility bills, electricity bills, gas, landline, insurance premiums, prepaid mobile recharges, and DTH connections. You can also do charity at National Association of Blind, Siddivinayak Trust, CRY etc. Apart from this, you can make payments to other JioMoney users.

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Question: How to make payment for online purchases?

Answer: JioMoney is available as a payment method at more than 50,000 e-commerce websites. Apart from this, you can also make payment through mobile app options which are offered by a number of online merchants.

Question: How to make payment at a neighborhood store or a shopping mall?

Answer: By choosing ‘Pay at Shop’ in the app and proceeding the payment.

Question: How to determine the payment is successful?

Answer: A user will get success page with transaction details. A user will also get SMS on the registered mobile number and e-mail. A user can also check the transactions history on the app.

Question: How to send/receive money on the wallet?

Answer: You can send or receive money directly through app by clicking on Send/Request money icon on the Home screen and then following the on-screen instructions.

Question: How to unlock the account?

Answer: If your account is locked after 3 consecutive incorrect mPIN attempts then you can contact JioMoney customer care at 1800-891-9999 (toll-free) or write to [email protected]

Question: How to set new mPIN?

Answer: To set a new mPIN, click on the “Forget your mPIN” option on the app and follow the instructions.

Question: How to give feedback to JioMoney?

Answer: A user can give feedback by the JioMoney app. Click on the JioMoney icon on the top-right corner in the app and then select ‘Report Issue’. You can also reach the JioMoney customer care at 1800-891-9999 (toll-free) or write to [email protected]

Question: How to check account balance?

Answer: The account balance is displayed on the home screen when a user login

Question: How to update JioMoney profile?

Answer: A user can change profile information from the Account Settings on the app. In order to change phone number, address, etc, a user needs to upload relevant documents in JioMoney app.

So, these are the frequently asked questions about JioMoney, if you have any other query related to the digital wallets then write to us in the comment section.