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Timex IQ+ Move vs Fossil Q Crewmaster Comparison Review

Though the smartwatch segment has not seen a significant rise in past few years but, manufacturers are trying their best to push the particular segment. A range of tech manufacturers have already introduced their particular models in the segment and a lot more are gearing up to enter a slightly slow segment. In this article, we have selected two smartwatches from the lineup of two big names in the watch industry.

The first is Timex IQ+ Move which is a smart analog watch available for both men and women. The other is the Fossil Q Crewmaster.


Timex IQ+ Smartwatch

Timex IQ+ Move can be best described as a hybrid watch which is an amalgamation of a smartwatch and fitness tracker. The manufacturer has equipped an analog design which is not surprising as the company has a long history in making watches. Though it looks like any other regular analog watch the features it holds makes the difference. The Timex IQ+ Move is available in 37mm and 41mm dial and offers a bunch of straps as a mode of customization.

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Considering the weight of the watch, it is quite light and comfortable on the wrist. The watch won’t give you a cheap look even with a silicon strap. The dial of the watch consists a sub-dial which indicates the progress of an individual towards the goal. To give you a clear illumination in the night, the manufacturer has equipped the IQ+ Move with its much-acclaimed Indiglo backlight.

Fossil Q Crewmaster


Fossil has kept its conventional chunky look intact with its smartwatch and the watch is available with soft, yet thick, silicon strap. The manufacturer has focused on its premiumness and the same is reflected from the dial of the watch. The watch is quite heavy and that indicates the watch is designed for the rugged purpose. The overall design of the Fossil smartwatch is just like any other Fossil model.

The stainless steel won’t give you hard time if you are used to wearing such watches while the silicon strap is soft to touch and feels comfortable. However, the material catch dust which settles in the crevices.


Timex IQ+

Timex IQ+ Move hybrid watch comes with a basic activity tracker which include steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned along with a track on sleep pattern. The steps counter was quite precise but like any other tracker, the distance calculation is not very accurate. The IQ+ Move lacks a GPS tracker and this demands to keep a track from your app to check how much you have traveled.

The sleep tracker tracks automatically when the wearer has fallen asleep and the accuracy level is quite good. The Timex IQ+ Move can also act as an alarm with the watch gently vibrating on the wrist. As the watch lacks advanced activity tracker the features like heart rate scanner, should not be expected. Also, a user is not notified of messages and calls which again is a drawback of this hybrid watch.

Fossil Q Crewmaster

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Considering the Q series from Fossil, the smartwatch comes with an analog display. The smartwatch runs on Android OS and gets connected to the phone through Bluetooth. It can send notifications for Social Media, Text, Email, App Alerts, Alarm Clock and Calendar Alerts.

Coming to the capabilities of the Fossil Q Crewmaster, the hybrid smartwatch can Take a Picture and control you music. It comes with sleeptracker and step tracker. Just like the Timex IQ+, the crewmaster lacks facilities such as distance tracker, heart rate monitor and GPS tracker.

App And Battery

The app for Timex IQ+ Move is Timex Connected and setting up the app take just a few minutes. The app asks you enter details pertaining to your height, weight and daily planned goals, calories burnt and hours slept. The interface is interactive while navigation is quite easy. Each tab gives you a detailed tracker with records of an hour, day, week, month and year. But, the problem lies in syncing the watch with the phone.

Timex IQ+ Move is water resistant up to 50 meters which is quite decent in the segment. However, the IQ+ features a traditional battery which gives you a long battery life, unlike any other smartwatch whose batteries last for less than a day.

For connecting Fossil Q Crewmaster, a user needs to download the Fossil Q app which is quite easy to set up and require some details to be filled just like Timex IQ+ Move. In order to do something like Apple, Fossil has packed its Q series with a magnetic charger which gives about 10 hours of battery life with a full charge. This include always on display and Wi-Fi turned on. Without both these, the battery last for a day and a half.

Pricing And Availability

Timex IQ+ Move is an entry level smartwatch and holds a price tag of Rs. 9,999. You can grab the watch from any E-commerce portal or authorized Timex retailers. Whereas, the Fossil Q Crewmaster is priced around Rs. 14,000 and is available on the majority of the online portals.


If you are looking to have a basic tracker wrapped under a good conventional watch, then Times IQ+ Move might be of your interest. But, if you are looking to have a competent smartwatch with most of the key features then Fossil Q Crewmaster should be your pick. Both these watches are offering decent features in their respective segment and are backed with their profound brand names.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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