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How to set free Callertune on your Reliance Jio number

Reliance Jio provides its customers with free access to its suite of apps and free SMSs along with the 4G data and unlimited voice calling. Now, you can set caller tunes to your number free of cost so that users hear the song when they call you.

There are three ways in which you can set JioTunes or caller tune on your Reliance Jio number. While these caller tunes are free of cost, for now, Jio may put a tariff on these tunes in the future. In this article, we will tell you how to set up free caller tune on your Reliance Jio number.

Set up using JioMusic App

JioTunes via JioMusic app

With Reliance Jio, you get free subscription to Jio apps suite. Using the JioMusic app, you can listen to over 4 lakh songs online. Once you login to JioTunes and play a song, the music player will show the option of ‘Set as JioTune’.

When you click on it, you can listen to the preview. If you like the preview, tap on ‘Set as JioTune’ and you will get a confirmation SMS. However, you need a smartphone to use the JioMusic app, so there is another way to get your free JioTune, which will be useful for JioPhone users.

Set JioTune via SMS

JioTunes via SMS

If you don’t have a smartphone or do not want to download the JioMusic app, there is another way to get your free caller tune. To get your free JioTune, you will have to send an SMS saying ‘JT’ to 56789.

After sending the SMS, you will get a message from Jio to select the genre of the tune you want to set. Once you select the genre, you can choose from the popular songs while following on-screen instructions. Once you select a song, you will get a confirmation SMS, reply to it with a ‘Y’ and the JioTune will get activated.

Copy from Another user

JioTunes via copy

If someone you know is using JioTunes, you can copy their tune when you call them. Upon calling the person, press Star (*) from the dialer and you will get a confirmation message. Reply with a ‘Y’ and you will get your free JioTune.

How to Deactivate

While JioTunes are free and you can change it as many times you want, Jio may start charging for it in future. When Reliance Jio starts charging for it, you can deactivate the tune by sending an SMS saying ‘STOP’ to 56789.


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