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Airtel 4G Upgrade Offer: Hidden Terms & Conditions, FAQs

Airtel has announced a new offer today for customers, dubbed as the 4G Upgrade Offer. Under this offer, the users that are using 2G or 3G mobiles will get 30GB of free 4G data when they upgrade to a 4G smartphone. However, Airtel’s 4G upgrade initiative comes with some hidden terms and conditions.

Coming to the 4G upgrade offer from Airtel, the 2G and 3G mobile customers who are using Airtel can check their eligibility for this upgrade offer by calling to a toll-free number 5111 or in the My Airtel app. They will get 30 GB free data into their account within 24 hours. In this post we will tell you some hidden terms and conditions and FAQs about the 4G upgrade offer you need to know.

Terms & Conditions for Airtel 4G Upgrade OfferAirtel 4G internet

The ‘4G Upgrade Offer’ is being provided by Airtel to any existing Airtel prepaid or postpaid customer when they upgrade their current 2G/3G handset to a 4G handset. The hidden terms and conditions of the offer are listed below.

First of all, the customer should be on Airtel network for equal to or more than 90 days. Also, the customer should have been using the 2G/3G handset for more than 74 days out of the last 90 days. The offer can be availed only once in a lifetime for a number and for an IMEI only once in a 30-day period.

How the offer can be availed

You have to call tollfree number 51111 from the Airtel number on which the upgrade offer needs to be availed. If the number is eligible for the offer, the same will be activated within 24 hours. The reason for non-eligibility will be communicated via SMS.

Apart from this, all eligible customers will also be notified via a banner on My Airtel App. After clicking the banner, it will lead the customer to the page where a suitable message will be displayed according to the eligibility.

Data Benefits

The free data benefit under the offer will be credited within 24 hours for postpaid users and within 4 hours for prepaid users. The data benefit for prepaid & postpaid customers are different as mentioned below: Prepaid users will get 1GB/day for 30 days and Postpaid users will get 30GB for the 1st bill cycle.

Airtel 4G upgrade offer FAQs

Question: I have been using Airtel 3G SIM for more than three months, can I avail the 4G upgrade offer?

Answer: Customer should be on Airtel network for equal to or more than 90 days at least and he/she should have been using 2G or 3G handset for at least 74 days.

Question: Can I avail the offer, if I have been using a 4G handset?

Answer: No, the offer can only be availed if the customer is on either 2G or 3G handset.

Question: What will happen to the data that I already have?

Answer: In case the customer has any data balance, the benefit of this offer will be added to the same provided the customer changes the plan.

Question: I am using another telecom operator’s SIM, can I avail the offer by moving into Airtel?

Answer: This offer is available to Airtel customers only and cannot be used along with services provided by any other telecom operator in India.


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