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Samsung Galaxy Buds Vs Apple AirPods: Samsung is better?

Samsung recently launched its new wireless headphones dubbed as Galaxy Buds. Designed to take on Apple’s AirPods, the Galaxy Buds are a bit cheaper than the AirPods and also come with some new features. Both the Bluetooth devices offer a few common features such as built-in microphone and personal assistant support.

Apple’s AirPods has been ruling the wireless earbuds market since its launch back in 2016. On the other hand, Samsung has also produced multiple Bluetooth headphones even before the AirPods. However, its Galaxy Buds are truly wireless earbuds that are targeted at AirPods.

The Galaxy Buds are priced at Rs. 9,990 in India, while Apple‘s AirPods come with a price tag of Rs. 11,999 in the country. So, how these two wireless earbuds fair against each other? Lets find out.

Galaxy Buds Vs AirPods

SpecsGalaxy BudsAirPods
What’s in the BoxEarbuds,Eartips,USB Type C Cable,Wingtips,Wireless Charging DockCharging case and Lightning cable
Battery Life6 hours, 7 hours (charging case)5 hours, 24 hours (charging case)
ConnectivityBluetooth v5.0Bluetooth
SensorsAccelerometer,Hall Sensor,Proximity SensorDual Optical Sensors, Motion Detecting Accelerometer, Speech Detecting Accelerometer
DimensionsEarbud: 19.2 x 17.5 x 22.5 mm, Case: 26.5 x 70 x 38.8 mmAirPods: 16.5 x 18 x 40.5 mm, Charging Case: 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5 mm
WeightGalaxy Buds: 6g, Charging Case: 40gAirPods: 4 g, Charging Case: 38 g
ColorsBlack, White, YellowWhite
PriceRs. 9,990Rs. 11,999


The Apple AirPods’ design is simple with glossy white plastic that look like any earphone. While Galaxy Buds comes with a new mix of white matte and shiny plastics that really look stunning. The company designed the buds with a little wing to secure them.

The AirPods have buttons on it that are used to activate Siri and can also be used for specific controls like “Play/Pause” and “Next” while playing music. The Galaxy Buds, on the other hand, don’t sport any buttons but they require just one tap to “Play/Pause” and double tap for the “Next” or for answering calls.

Samsung also offers Galaxy Buds in three colors- white, black, and yellow. While Apple’s AirPods come only in white color since their launch in 2016.


The AirPods provide a comfortable but somewhat loose fit because of their build. However, they measure 16.5 x 18 x 40.5 mm that feels very minimalistic and you can barely feel them in your ears.

While the Galaxy Buds fit comfortably in ears. They measure 19.2 x 17.5 x 22.5 mm and thus bigger than the AirPods. The wing used in the earbuds remains in position even while walking. The Galaxy Buds slightly weigh more than the AirPods. But, overall, they offer a snug fit.

Battery Life

Both the AirPods and Galaxy Buds use a case for charging. The Galaxy Buds’ case is also capable of wireless charging. If we talk about battery life, the Galaxy Buds can offer six hours on a full charge, while AirPods can provide five hours of backup. The charging cases of both the earbuds also come with a separate charge that expands the battery life further.


Samsung Galaxy Buds come loaded with several new features, including Ambient Noise. It keeps noise from the outside away from the buds. Another cool feature with the Galaxy Buds is wireless charging. So, if you buy a Galaxy S10, you can charge them on the smartphone’s back.

The AirPods also offer cool features such as accelerometers and Apple’s W1 chip. The AirPods can recognize when you’re talking to Siri or on phone, and the in-built microphones filter the external noise so you can talk with any distraction.

If we talk about playing music, the Galaxy Buds’ audio quality was loud but was a little bit muddy during calls. While the AirPods’ advanced microphones and voice accelerometer ake sure that the calls can be heard loud.


When compared to the AirPods, the Galaxy Buds offer an additional microphone, better battery life, wireless charging case, and two extra color options. However, iPhone users still may find the AirPods fit for their wireless headphone needs. Though Android users who are looking for wireless headphones might find the Galaxy Buds as a better choice because of its lower price point and latest features.


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