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3 Best Indian Document Scanner Apps for Android

After the ban on CamScanner and other Chinese apps, many Indian developers have come forward with Indigenous applications. Till now, people were using apps like Microsoft Lens and Adobe Scan as alternatives to CamScanner. But now, we’ve got some competent Indian options that are equally feature-rich and quite reliable. Here are three of the best Indian document scanner apps available for Android.

Indian PDF Document Scanner Apps for Android

1. AIR Scanner

AIR Scanner is an AI-based Reading Assistant & Document Scanner app. Using it, you can not only scan, store, and share your images into PDF but also use AI-powered features like AI Dictionary and Narrator.

In my experience, the app worked perfectly fine for scanning documents. The AI Narrator automatically detects the text and reads it out while the dictionary feature lets you tap any word to know its meaning. Both features are unique and handy.

Overall, it’s a great document scanning app with a clean UI, developed locally by IIT Bombay undergraduates in India. That said, when you install the app, make sure to change the image quality to High in settings.

Key Features: 

  • Ad-free UI
  • AI Dictionary
  • Text Narrator
  • Available in Hindi & English

Developed by: Air Scanner Team, IIT Bombay

Download Here

2. Kaagaz Scanner

Kaagaz Scanner is another easy to use Made-in-India PDF Document Scanner app that’s completely free to use without any watermarks or ads. Using it, you can scan anything ranging from books and articles to documents and notes and convert them into PDF.

There are four different filters to choose from – Magic Colour, Gray, Black & White, and Original. You can go with either of them based on your liking. Interestingly, you can also add your watermark on documents and secure the app with the built-in app lock feature.

Key Features: 

  • Ad-free UI
  • Built-in App Lock
  • Custom Watermarks
  • Available in Hindi, English, Marathi, and Tamil.

Developed by: Sorted AI, Gurgaon

Download Here

3. is a no-frills document scanning app with the most straightforward interface of all. You open the app, click on Camera, and scan the document, which is a swift process. Plus, the built-in filters are nice and work well with almost all kinds of documents.

I particularly liked the Photocopy filter, which is best suited to scan notes and book pages. Moreover, you can fine-tune the image by tweaking brightness and contrast based on your liking.

There’s also an AI-based OCR that detects the text and converts them into digital form to be copied or shared with others. It works quite accurately, even with Hindi.

Key Features: 

  • Straightforward, Ad-free UI
  • Variety of Filters
  • Powerful Text Recognition
  • Available in Hindi, English, Gujrati, Bengali, and Telugu

Developed by: Entrepreneurs at IIT Kanpur

Download Here

Wrapping Up

So these were three of the best Indian document scanner apps for Android. All three apps are locally developed and have their own set of features. More importantly, I didn’t see any annoying advertisements. Anyway, which one did you like the most? Do let me know in the comments below.

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