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How to Auto-delete OTPs From Messages After 24 Hours

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Recently Google has introduced a feature in its Messages apps that automatically sorts messages in various categories, so you can find specific messages like transactions easily. There are categories like Personal, Transactions, and OTP. In the OTP section on the Messages app, there is another new feature introduced by Google that lets you auto-delete OTPs after 24 hours.

Here, we will tell you how to enable this feature on your phone so you don’t have to manually delete old OTP messages by yourself.

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Auto-delete OTPs From Messages

First of all, make sure you have the latest version of the Messages app. If not sure, go to the Play Store and update it. Also, if your phone doesn’t have it as a default app, you can download it from Play Store and make it the default messages app.

1] Now open the Messages app and you will different categories of messages in a bar.

2] Tap on the OTP category and it will show you a pop-up saying ‘Auto-delete OTPs after 24 hrs?‘. Tap on Continue.

3] The next pop-up will ask for your confirmation. Tap on Auto-delete OTPs again. That’s it. Now your OTPs will be deleted automatically after 24 hrs.

If you want to undo this or change this, you will have to go to Settings by tapping on the three-dot menu right above.

Now, look for Message Organization and turn the ‘Auto-delete OTPs after 24hrs’ toggle off.

This is how you can auto-delete old OTP SMSs from your phone after 24 hours. For more such tips and tricks, follow us on social media.