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Trick to Get Notification Alerts of Sounds in Your Home on Android Phone

These days Android phones can do much more than just calling and texting. Do you know that now you can get alerts for important sounds in your surroundings? Well, Google has launched an app for hearing impaired people that uses your phone’s microphone to send notification alerts on your phone when it detects a sound. So, in this article, I will tell how you can get notification alerts of sounds in your home on your Android phone.

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Get Notification Alerts of Sounds in Your Home on Phone

To enable emergency alerts on your Android, you’ll need Google’s Live Transcribe app. If your smartphone is running Android 11, it will be already available there. This service is for the hearing impaired, but regular users can also take advantage of this app.

Download Live Transcribe App

Steps to Use Live Transcribe App for Alerts

Once you download the app on your phone, please follow the below-mentioned steps to enable emergency alerts of sounds in your home.

1. Open the Live Transcribe app on your phone and allow permission to use your phone’s microphone.

2. Now, tap on the gear icon in the lower-left corner of the app.

3. A pop-up menu will appear and select “Open sound notifications” from there.

4. On the next page you will see the “Welcome to sound notifications” screen. Tap on the “Turn on” button below.

5. Now, follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Tap on “Ok”.

6. The app will then switch to a Live View and start listening for sounds in its surroundings.

You should keep the phone in a room where you want to hear a sound from. Once the app picks one sound, it will send out notifications by lighting the camera flash to alert you. It will also send out a notification on a connected wearable if any.

The app can identify different sounds including fire alarms, shouts, babies crying, doorbells & knocks, dogs, the beeping of appliances, running water tap, and landline phones, etc.

Live Transcribe can also perform real-time transcription of speech to text on your phone screen. This option is also designed for hearing-impaired individuals to understand conversations around them, but it can be useful in other scenarios as well.

So this way you can get emergency notification alerts of sounds in your home on your Android phone with the Live Transcribe app. Tell us in the comments, how do you like it. For more such app-related tips & tricks, stay tuned!

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