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How to Turn off Autocorrect on Gboard on Android And Other Tips & Tricks

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Android has an autocorrect feature which can be both good or bad. It can save you from an embarrassing typo or it can completely turn your message upside down and change the meaning. Here we are going to tell you how you can turn off autocorrect on Gboard on your phone so you won’t send an inappropriate message to a family member or anyone else.

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How to Turn off Autocorrect on Android

You can easily turn this feature off from the settings on your Android. But if you want, you can turn it back on too pretty easily. We will also tell you about some tricks related to the autocorrect feature as a bonus.

Steps to Turn off Autocorrect on Gboard

1. Open your phone and go to the Settings > System > Language and Input > Virtual Keyboard > Gboard.

2. Here you will find a lot of settings related to the Gboard which is the default keyboard in your phone.

3. Select Text correction and scroll down until you will find the Auto-correction feature under the Corrections section.

4. It will be turned on by default which you can turn off using the toggle.

5. Once disabled you can go back to the messaging app and continue what you are doing without worrying about the autocorrection anymore.

If you feel the Gboard is not working as you like then you can install a third-party keyboard app on your phone. All keyboards have their own auto-correction feature, so you may like the one with a third-party keyboard.

Bonus Tips and Tricks of Gboard

Here are some other tips & tricks that you can use on Gboard to improve your typing experience:

  • Undo Auto-correct: If you still want to use the auto-correct, you can enable this feature and below this, you’ll see “Undo auto-correct on backspace”, enable the toggle next to it.
  • Auto-space after punctuation: You can also use this feature if you are using US English as your Gboard language. It will insert space after punctuation.
  • Auto-capitalization: Enable this option to capitalize the first word of each sentence.

Wrapping up

This is how you can disable the auto-correction feature in Gboard on your Android smartphone. You can turn it on if you want by the same settings and using the toggle.

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