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Amazon Open Box Vs Flipkart Open Box Delivery, Difference, Which One is Better?

Recently two major e-commerce players in India concluded their festive season sales. It was raining discounts on products from across the categories, and so customers didn’t let this chance slide from their hands. However, during these big sales, some incidents were reported where consumers got fake or wrong products instead of what they ordered.

In one such incident, a man ordered iPhone 12, which got the best discount in the sale, but instead of the phone, he got a detergent bar inside the phone box. In another such incident, one customer got detergent powder instead of the washing machine.

These are only two incidents that got reported and came into the news, but there are several other mishaps that happen throughout the year. People get fake products, or they get broken or wrong items inside the delivered boxes. So what can one do?

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In this article, I will tell you one such trick that will help you in countering such incidents. Do you know that both Amazon and Flipkart offer an “Open Box Delivery” option? Well, if not, you are at the right place. Let’s know all details about this program.

Amazon and Flipkart Open Box Delivery

Because of the incidents mentioned above and to protect valuable items, Amazon and Flipkart have started open box delivery services. I’ll explain both’s services one by one and also what can you do to avail these and what are the pros and cons.

Amazon Open-Box Inspection

In Amazon’s ‘open box inspection’, the delivery associate opens the box at the time of its delivery, and you can check the contents of your order. You can then verify that the right and the damage-free product is delivered before accepting the delivery.

Q. What is the process of Amazon open box inspection?

A. At the time of delivery, Amazon’s delivery partner opens the package in front of you and lets you visually check the product that the order is right, free of damages, and complete with all accessories. However, this does not include a working check of the product.

Q. Who can avail of the open box inspection service on Amazon?

A. Amazon offers the “Open box inspection” service by default on basis of certain eligibility criteria that include pre-paid and scheduled delivery orders. Also, the products that are eligible for this service are dishwasher, microwave oven, refrigerator, TV, and washing machine. Also, the service is currently available at only some select PIN codes in India.

Q. What happens after the open box inspection?

A. After the inspection is done, and you don’t find an issue with the product, you will receive an OTP from Amazon. The delivery executive will ask for this 6 digit code to confirm the open box inspection status. Once you share the OTP, your delivery will be confirmed.

Note: You should share the code only if you find the product is correct and damage-free. Amazon will not accept returns for damaged orders if the open box inspection has been completed and delivery is successful.

Q. What happens after the inspection you find an issue with the product?

A. If you find that the product is damaged or not the same you ordered or its parts/accessories are missing, refuse the delivery. Also, DO NOT share the 6-digit code with the delivery associate. The product will be returned with the delivery partner and your amount will be refunded.

Q. Can you get a replacement instead of a refund for the wrong/damaged product?

A. No, you cannot get a replacement for the product. If it is damaged, missing accessories, or is different from what was ordered, you will get a full refund. After that, you can place a new order.

Q. What happens if someone finds an issue with the product after delivery or installation?

A. If the product is found damaged after the successful open box accepted delivery, Amazon will not accept its return. So, please make sure to thoroughly inspect the product for damages before accepting delivery. However, you can raise a complaint immediately in such cases.

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Q. How do find out open box inspection is eligible in your area?

A. If the service is available in your area, you will see the ‘open box inspection’ eligibility message on the product details page. Also, you’ll see the “Included FREE Open Box Inspection at the time of delivery” message while selecting the delivery slot.

Q. Do you need to pay for the open box inspection service?

A. No, open box inspection is available for free with all eligible orders.

Flipkart Open Box Delivery

Flipkart’s Open Box Delivery is also the same where their delivery executive opens the box in front of you at the time of delivery. You should note that both outside and brand packaging are opened before the delivery so that you get what you ordered.

Q. How do you find if Flipkart open box delivery service is available in your area?

A. If your order and your city of delivery are eligible for Flipkart’s Open Box Delivery, you’ll get an option for the same on the order summary page. You can then choose the “Open Box Delivery” option while placing an order.

Q. What happens if the product is missing/damaged at the time of the open box delivery?

A. If you find the product that product is missing, damaged, or different from what you ordered, you can ask the delivery agent to take it back immediately. If your order was COD and you have already paid, you’ll get the refund immediately from the delivery guy. In case of a prepaid order, you’ll get a refund credited to your source account.

Q. What happens if the product is damaged after turning it on?

A. If you have accepted open box delivery and after that, you find that the device is defective after turning it on, you can contact Flipkart for replacement/refund as per the product’s returns policy.

Q. Is Flipkart Open Box Delivery service available all over India?

A. Flipkart’s ‘Open Box Delivery’ is currently available for select PIN codes in some cities including Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, and Chandigarh.

Q. Does Flipkart charge extra for Open Box Delivery (OBD) service?

A. No, you don’t need to pay anything extra as OBD is a free service.

So this was all about Amazon and Flipkart’s “Open Box Delivery Service” which can save you from incidents like mentioned above. For more details on these services, you can reach out to these companies’ customer care.

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