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Paytm Spoof: Useful Tips to Save Yourself From Fake Paytm App

Yeah! You read that right. Paytm is one of the most popular wallets, UPI app, as it can be found easily across the country, from a big shopping mall, a garment outlet, the auto or cab you booked online, your nearest grocery store, or the barber you get your haircut from. Now, some people are misusing the popularity of Paytm, as they have created a fake Paytm app. Today I’ll be sharing how this app is being misused and how can you save yourself from such fraud.

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What is Fake/Spoof Paytm App Fraud?

There’s a Fake/Spoof PayTM being circulated via such suspicious websites. That claims to offer a Spoof version of the popular PayTM app, that generates a fake payment receipt. Scamsters are using these fake payment receipts to do fraud with innocent shopkeepers, and whomever such scamster need to pay to. Such scams are harmful to both the shopkeepers/merchants as well as the scamster, let me tell you how.

How is Fake Paytm App Dangerous?

The spoof Paytm circulating around the web is dangerous for both the scamster as well as the shopkeepers/merchants.

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Dangers to Shopkeepers/Merchants

  • Scamsters can scam the merchants/shopkeepers, by showing a fake successful payment confirmation.
  • These payments don’t reach the shopkeeper ever. Leading to a 2x loss.

Dangers to Scamsters

  • Since the app is circulating from suspicious websites, the app itself may turn out to be malware. That can infect the scamster’s phone as well.
  • There’s always a risk of loss, as the developer of the spoof app cannot be trusted as well.
  • Paytm has already come to know about such fake/spoof scams, and is already taking necessary steps.
  • Scamming someone is an offense under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code and can attract imprisonment up to a maximum of 7 years.

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Tips to Stay Safe from Fake Paytm App Fraud

There are a few ways to stay safe from such Fake/Spoof PayTM scams and scamsters. If you are a shopkeeper/merchant, then you can follow these to stay safe, once someone sends you money:

  • Check SMS Notification of the payment receipt.
  • Check-in App notification for the payment receipt.
  • Use PayTM Business App, to check the details of every transaction.
  • Confirm the payment using PayTM Soundbox, which instantly confirms the payment, in your local language. You can apply for your PayTM soundbox here.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I’ve shared what fake Paytm app fraud is, what are the consequences to both the scammer as well as the shopkeeper/merchant. And the ways to stay safe from such Paytm scams. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks.

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