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3 Ways to Add Image and Text Watermark in Google Docs

Google Suite is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft office, as it can be accessed on your phone, computer, tablet, etc., and every change you make syncs across your devices. Docs is the most commonly used service from the Google Suite, as it offers most features of Microsoft Word. Google has been adding new features to Docs, one of them is the ability to add watermark. Today we will be discussing multiple ways to add watermark in Google Docs.

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3 Ways to Add Watermark In Google Docs

Adding a Watermark to your documents comes in handy to disclose the nature of documents, like whether it is a draft or final document, is of confidential nature, etc. Let’s see how can we add a watermark to Google Docs.

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Add Watermark in Google Docs

Recently Google added the option to add a watermark to your Google Docs file, it’s rolling out in phases to Workspace users, G Suite Basic, and Business users. Here’s how to add a watermark:

  • Go to Google Docs website (currently watermark can only be added via web)
  • Open A Docs File
  • Go to Insert, click on Watermark.
  • You can add an Image as well as Text (soon), as a watermark.
  • Adjust the scale, and check the faded box.

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Add Image As Watermark

If you have not got the update of adding a watermark in Docs, then you can try this method.

  • Go to Google Docs website (currently watermark can only be added via web)
  • Open A Docs File
  • Go to Insert, click on Image.
  • Once the image is added, click on the icon to move it behind the text.
  • You can even adjust the transparency, brightness, contrast.

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Add Image and Text as Watermark

Another way to add a watermark in Google Docs is in form of drawing. It allows adding text as well as images as a watermark.

  • Go to Google Docs website (currently watermark can only be added via web)
  • Open A Docs File
  • Go to Insert, click on Drawing.
  • You can either create a new drawing or choose from your drive.
  • Click the drop-down arrow, and choose WordArt to add text, or you can simply choose to upload an image. Once done click on save and close.
  • Move the drawing behind the text.

Note: You can not reduce the transparency of drawings.

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Wrapping Up

These are the 3 ways to add a watermark in Google Docs. If you have not received the first method to add watermark directly, then you can use the other two methods. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks.

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