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4 Best Ways to Connect iPhone to Windows 11 PC

Do you own an iPhone and wish to connect it to your Windows 11 system to easily share and transfer files? Well, this read is specifically made for you. In this guide, we have listed the 4 best ways to connect your iPhone to a Windows 11 PC. Meanwhile, you can check out our guide to fix apps not downloading issues on Appstore.

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Best Ways to Connect iPhone to Windows 11 PC

Use a Data Cable to Connect iPhone to a Windows 11 PC

This is one of the easiest methods through which you can instantly connect your iPhone to a Windows 11 PC and share files seamlessly. Follow these steps to achieve the same.

  • First, you need to plug in the data cable that came with the box between your iPhone and the Windows 11 PC.
  • You will instantly receive a popup on your iPhone asking you to trust the connected computer. Tap on the Trust button to allow your iPhone to connect to the Windows 11 system.

  • Navigate to your File Explorer to locate the connected Devices and Drives. You will find a new drive here labeled as Apple iPhone.

  • Double-click on this drive to open and see your Internal Storage.

  • Further, open the internal storage folder to view all your photos and media files. You can copy or move these files to your Windows 11 system to make a backup.

  • Alternatively, you can quickly import pictures and videos from your iPhone by clicking on the Import Pictures and Videos option in the right-click context menu of the Apple iPhone drive.

Use iTunes App to Connect iPhone in Wired and Wireless Mode

Another effective method to connect the iPhone to your Windows 11 system is through the use of the iTunes app. Using this app you can easily sync your data between both devices and create an entire backup of your iPhone on PC in both wired and wireless manner. Follow these steps to achieve the same.

  • Press the Windows key and search for the Microsoft Store to open it.

  • Search for iTunes in the search bar and click on the Get button to install this app on your Windows 11 PC.

  • Once the app has been installed, open the app and press the Account option in the toolbar at the top to sign in.

  • On the next page, enter your Apple id credentials and click on the Sign-in button to sign in with your Apple account on the iTunes app.

  • You will instantly receive a verification request on your iPhone. Tap on the Allow button on your iPhone to approve the request.

  • Further, enter the verification code on iTunes.

  • Now, connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 PC via a data cable.
  • You will instantly notice a phone icon at the top toolbar. Click on this icon to view details of your connected iPhone.

  • To sync the data of your iPhone to your Windows 11 PC, click on the Sync button.

  • You can also view and share your media files using this app.
  • Once you have synced your phone over a wired connection, you can configure it to use wirelessly as well.
  • To use iTunes wirelessly, turn on Sync this iPhone over the Wi-Fi option.

Try Third-Party Apps to Connect iPhone to Windows 11 PC

You can also connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 PC with the help of free third-party apps such as Airdroid. Follow these steps to connect your iPhone using this method.

  • Open Appstore on your iPhone and search for the Airdroid app to install it.
  • For this method to work, you need to sign up on Airdroid and use this account on both clients (mobile and web) to make a connection between them.
  • To sign up on the app, tap on the profile icon in the top-left corner of the screen and create your account.
  • Once you’ve successfully created your account, open a new tab in the browser of your Windows 11 PC and access the official Airdroid website.
  • Enter the login credentials that you’ve created earlier and click on the Sign-in button.

  • After successful login, you will be able to access your phone details including its media files. You can easily use this workspace to transfer files between your iPhone and Windows 11 PC.

That’s it. You’ve successfully connected your iPhone to your Windows 11 PC using the Airdroid app.

Bonus Tip: Use iCloud to Manage iPhone Data from Windows 11 PC

If you use Apple’s secure iCloud service to store and sync photos/media files between your phone and your online Apple account, then you can use it to view and sync data wirelessly over the internet using your Windows 11 system.

  • Open a new tab in your web browser and access the iCloud website.
  • Sign in with your Apple id credentials.

  • You can now view your iPhone’s data on your Windows 11 PC with the help of the online iCloud service.

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Wrapping Up: Share Files Instantly

We hope that you’ve now successfully learned to connect your iPhone to a Windows 11 system to instantly share files between the two. If this read has helped you to provide seamless connectivity, then hit the Like button and share this read among your friends to help them solve such issues. Stay tuned for more troubleshooting guides.

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