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3 Ways To Fix YouTube Video Upload Date Not Visible

You may call it an unaddressed bug or poor YouTube content orientation but viewers have often reported missing video upload dates on several YT videos. If you’ve been experiencing the same then we have just the fix you need. In this guide, we have covered the top 3 ways to fix YouTube video upload dates not visible on YT videos. In addition, you can learn to create GIFs from your favorite YT videos.

Fix YouTube Video Upload Date Not Visible

Adjust Zoom Level on YouTube Video to Reveal its Upload Date

One of the easiest fixes working for most users is to adjust the zoom level of the current YouTube page on the browser to reveal the upload video date. Adjusting the zoom level to 90% or 125% shall do the trick. Here’s how you can achieve the same.

1. Open the desired YouTube video on your browser.

2. Next, press the Ctrl and or + buttons on your keyboard simultaneously to zoom out or zoom in on the page respectively.

3. Reload the page to check if you can view the upload video date clearly.

Use Chrome Extension to View Upload Date and Time

Another reliable method to view the exact date and time of a particular YT video is through the use of a popular Google Chrome extension namely, YouTube Upload Time. This extension makes use of the Google API to reveal the exact date and time of a video uploaded on YouTube. Here’s how you can install this extension and use it to your advantage.

1. Open the Google Chrome web store on your browser and install the YouTube Upload Time extension to it.

2. Next, head to your desired YouTube video and click on the installed extension to reveal its upload date and time.

3. You can also switch to different timezones to view the upload date and time of the selected video in your preferred format.

Make Use of Online Metadata Tool to Reveal Its Upload Date

In addition to using the Chrome extension, you can utilize the YouTube Metadata online tool to reveal all the information associated with a Youtube video including its upload date and time. Here’s how you can use this tool to achieve the same.

1. Copy the URL of your desired YouTube video to your clipboard.

2. Next, head over to the YouTube Metadata online tool and paste the copied link in the search field. Click on the Submit button to generate the search results.

3. Scroll down the page to locate the Video section. Here you can see the exact date and time of the published video on the YouTube channel.

4. You can further scroll down to the bottom to view additional details such as video and channel statistics including the date of creation of the selected channel.

Bonus Tip: Switch to Tablet View to Check the Missing Upload Date

Another nifty trick to quickly reveal the upload video date of any YouTube video is to change its orientation by switching to the Tablet view on your browser.

1. Open any YouTube video and right-click on it to press the Inspect option.

2. Next, click on the Smartphone/Tablet view button to change the screen view.

3. You can now clearly see the video upload date below your current video on YouTube.

That’s a Wrap

So, that’s a wrap for the top 3 ways to fix the YouTube video upload date missing from videos on the YouTube platform. If the above working fixes have helped you to troubleshoot this issue, then hit the Like button and share this walkthrough with your friends who you think might need it. Stay tuned for more jaw-dropping guides.


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