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2 Ways to Share Voice Recording as Status on WhatsApp

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse have revolutionized digital interaction by allowing users to post voice updates instead of pictures or videos. WhatsApp is now taking a similar approach to allow users to post voice notes as status. This makes posting voice status quite convenient as the user can directly record their voice to broadcast to friends and contacts on WhatsApp. That said, let’s look at different ways to share voice status on WhatsApp in this explainer. Additionally, you can learn to use two WhatsApp Accounts on one smartphone.

How to Share Voice Recording as WhatsApp Status

Besides pictures and videos, WhatsApp has reportedly released its new voice status feature for its beta users, which lets you record a 30-second voice note to post it as a standalone status for 24 hours. If you’re interested in using it, here’s what you need to follow:

Requirements to Share Voice Recording on WhatsApp Status

In order to share any audio or voice recording as your WhatsApp status you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You need to be a WhatsApp Beta user
  • On Android, you must have the betaVersion
  • In the case of iOS, you need to have the beta Version

It will be rolled out to the stable build soon for global users. If you can’t wait to for it to come to the stable build, then we have got you covered, read on to know you can use it right now.

Steps to Share WhatsApp Voice Status on Android

Follow these easy steps to create a new status on WhatsApp:

1. Launch the WhatsApp app and create a new text status by pressing the Pen button in the bottom-right corner.

Share Voice Status on WhatsApp

2. You’ll notice a new microphone button in the bottom-right corner. Long-press this button to record a 30-second voice note.

3. Finally, preview the recorded note by playing it and tap the green Send button to post it as a new WhatsApp status.

Steps to Share WhatsApp Voice Status on iOS

Similar to Android, you can compose a 30-second audio status using the newly released WhatsApp feature on your iPhone. All you need to have is version of the app installed on your iPhone. Here’s how:

1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone, and navigate to the Status tab to compose a new one.

2. Next, tap the Pen icon next to the Camera button to create a new text status.

Voice Status on WhatsApp

3. Now, you can record a 30-second voice note by tapping the green microphone button at the bottom and then pressing the Send button to post it.

Bonus Tip: Put Audio in any WhatsApp Status on Android and iPhone

If you haven’t received the new WhatsApp voice status update yet, you can try our easy workarounds to put audio as WhatsApp Status. In addition, you can embed your favorite song in your picture or video before posting it as a WhatsApp status using the above guide link.


Q: How to post Audio on WhatsApp Status on Android?

A: With WhatsApp’s latest update, you can post your own recorded voice note as a status. It is currently available to a few selected beta users, and will soon be rolled out to users globally.

Q: How to post Voice Note on WhatsApp Status on iPhone?

A: We have shared the detailed steps to post an audio note as WhatsApp status on iPhone. Follow the easy steps mentioned in this explainer to achieve the same.

Q: Can I post my favorite song as a WhatsApp Status?

A: Yes! Check out our bonus tip to add your favorite song to your WhatsApp status with a few taps.

Q: I can’t see the Voice Status update on WhatsApp. How do I get it?

A: You might have to wait sometime to receive the latest WhatsApp update. Once available, you can update WhatsApp from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to experience the new feature. Alternatively, you can try this feature if you’re enrolled in the WhatsApp Beta program.

Wrapping Up: Make your WhatsApp Status Speak!

We hope this guide has helped you to post a voice status to your WhatsApp account. If you find it useful, forward it to your friends who might be waiting impatiently for it. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such reads, and check the below links for more interesting walkthroughs.

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