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2 Ways to Check if an Instagram Account Is Legacy Verified or Not

After Elon Musk introduced paid verification via Twitter Blue, other social platforms started to hop on the subscription wagon. One such platform is Meta (previously Facebook) now offers verification badges under Meta Verification for a monthly subscription. Identifying legacy verified accounts from the Meta Verified ones has become difficult. In this guide, we'll help you to identify them. Meanwhile, you can learn to identify Twitter Legacy Verified and Blue User.

Identify Legacy Verified user and Paid Meta Verified user on Instagram

Methods to Check if an Instagram Account Is Legacy Verified or Meta Verified

Meta does not clearly show any identification mark or status between Legacy Verified or Meta Verified. However, with the methods mentioned below, you will be able to identify both of them.

Method 1 – Check About This Account

Since the Meta Verification was introduced in February 2023, the first way to check whether an Instagram account is legacy verified or has paid for it is via the About This Account status. Here's how to check it.

1. Go to the user profile of the verified account you want to check the authenticity of.

2. Tap the three dots menu from the top right, and select About This Account from the pop-up menu.

3. Here, check the Verified status.

It is a legacy verified account if it shows any date earlier than February 2023. However, if it shows a date after February 2023, they may have paid for verification; in such case, follow the second method to double-check.

Method 2 – Check via the Followers List

If the above method shows a date after February 2023, you should check the followers list to know whether the Instagram account is legacy verified or paid for meta verification. Here's how it differs:

  • Legacy Verified Users – Only 50 followers of legacy verified Instagram users can be seen.
  • Meta Verified Users – You can see the full list of followers in the case of Meta Verified Users.
Identify Legacy Verified user and Paid Meta Verified user on Instagram

Only 50 Followers are visible on Legacy Verified Accounts


Q. How Do You Know if Someone Is Verified on Instagram?

If you see a blue verified check mark next to an Instagram account's name, it means that Instagram has verified that person's or brand's authentic presence. Previously, the legacy verified badge required the person or brand to be notable and unique.

Q. How to Get Verified on Instagram?

You can get the verification badge on Instagram by paying for Meta Verified. To apply for it, navigate to More Options (hamburger menu) > Meta Verified > Fill out the Form > Pay the subscription > and Apply.

Q. How to Check if Someone Has Paid for Instagram Verification?

You can check whether an Instagram user has paid for Meta Verified to get the verification badge using the About This Account status or the followers' list. Check the above methods to learn more.

Q. What Is the Price to Get Verified on Instagram?

The pricing for Meta Verified is different for each country. In the US, a monthly subscription costs $11.99 on the web and (USD) $14.99 on iOS and Android. In India, it costs INR 699 per month on Android and iOS; in the future, Meta will introduce a web-only subscription for INR 599 monthly.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you can check whether an Instagram account is legacy verified or has got the verification badge by paying for Meta Verified. Meta Verified is available in Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK, Canada, India, and Brazil, so if an account is verified and outside these countries, it is legacy verified. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such reads.

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