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Get Your Driving License Without Test at RTO From June 1

Good news for all who are looking to get their new driving license. You will no longer have to stand in long queues for your driving tests. Starting June 1, 2024, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in India will implement new rules for obtaining a driving license. One of the most notable changes is eliminating driving tests at Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). You can now go to government-accredited private driving schools to get these tests conducted instead. In this read, you will learn about all the new RTO rules, their implementation and how to obtain/update your license without going to RTO.

How To Get Driving License Online

What Is the Eligibility of Private Driving Schools Set by Govt.?

The new rules have set clear standards for any private driving schools. To be eligible to conduct driving tests, they must meet the proper criteria set by the government, which include the following.

  • Land Requirements: A minimum of 1 acre for two-wheeler training and 2 acres for four-wheeler training.
  • Qualified Trainers: Trainers must have at least a high school diploma, five years of driving experience, and knowledge of IT systems.
  • Testing Facilities: Schools must provide suitable testing facilities equipped with observation cameras and GPS systems.

What Will Be the Curriculum of Private Driving Schools?

According to the new rules, which will take effect on June 1, 2024, these private driving schools will follow a structured curriculum. The schools will divide the driving lessons into theory and practical parts. For light motor vehicles, the training will last 29 hours over four weeks, while heavy motor vehicles will require up to 38 hours over six weeks. The aim of such a rigorous training structure is to produce better-prepared drivers, further enhancing road safety.

Once a candidate has passed the driving test at any of the accredited schools, he/she will receive a digital certificate linked directly to the RTO database. This will make getting a license faster and more efficient.

How to Get a Learner’s License Without Going to RTO?

With the new rules, candidates can now take the learner’s license test online from the comfort of their homes. To do so, you must clear an online test which includes a 12-minute video on road rules, followed by a short test. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Head to the official parivahan website and click on “Driver/Learner’s License.”

The Driving/Learner's license on the Parivahan website is highlighted in red.

2. Another tab will open, asking for the state from which you want your license issued. To select one, open the dropdown menu and select your nearest/desired State for RTO services.

3. The website offers you lots of options to choose from. Click on Apply for “Apply for Learner’s License.”

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the application.

On screen instructions to apply for Learner's License online.

You must take the online test after you have completed the application. Next, you can download the learner’s license immediately after passing the test.


Q. Can I Get Driving License Without Driving Test at RTO?

Yes. Starting June 1, 2024, you can choose to get your driving test done at any affiliated private driving school. With this, you can skip the long queues at the RTO office for your test.

Q. How Can I Get My Duplicate Driving License Online?95

To obtain your Duplicate Driving License, go to this parivahan website and follow the on-screen instructions. This will be useful if you have lost or misplaced your Driving License.

Q. How Can I Book Online Tests for Driving License?

In order book your test online, you must go to the official parivahan website and click on “Online Test/ Appointment.” Then follow the on-screen instructions to get your Driving License.


The new driving test rules in India represent a significant shift in the way driving licenses are issued. Additionally, the workload on RTOs will be shifted by including private driving schools. For more such news and guides, follow GadgetsToUse and check out the following reads below.

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