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3 Ways To Reduce Photo Size From Mb To Kb

We often come across an error that the file size should not exceed than a certain limit. Be it while filling forms online, applications for competitive exams, social media profile pictures, marketing, or our personal use. And while there are a number of online tools which promise to get the job done, here are some tested and verified tools that can resize your image without compromising on its quality.

Resizing Image Without Compromising On Quality

The only problem we have while we are resizing any image is its quality. Most of the time, it gets so downgraded that it is not usable. We have certain guidelines when we are filling out any public or private sector forms and in all, the image size matters a lot, along with the right details being visible. we are going to talk about 3 such tools which can help you do the same.

Tool 1 – Pi 7 Image Tool

A number of tools are available with the Pi 7 image tool, such as image resizing, compression, and enhancement. This website also allows you to merge your PDF files.

1. Open the Pi 7 Image tool on your browser.

2. Scroll down to the compress image size option, Click on “Compress Image.

3. Click  “Select Image” to choose the image you want resized.

4. After selecting the image, enter the size you want for the image to be resized, then click on resize image.

5. Click on Download image for the image to be saved onto your device.

Tool 2 – 11 Zon

This is a free tool that we can use to resize our image without compromising its quality. This website also offers different tools that can be used free of charge, including PDF editing, converter tools, and image editing tools. Not only can we edit PDFs in this but we can also convert them into either word or JPEG.

1. Open 11 Zon on your browser.

2. Click on image tools and choose “Compress Image.

3. Click on “Size“, then enter the desired pixel size.

4. Click on Add an image to choose the file to be resized and the size to which you want it to be resized.

5. Then you can click on download to save the image.

Tool – 3 Imresizer

In the sea of image resizer websites, Imresizer is giving us multiple ways to resize images and we can increase the image size and compress them or crop to specific dimensions. The tools provided by this website are diversified and also easy to use. You can definetly use this website when you are trying to get your image resized.

1. Go to Imresizer on your web browser.

2. On the top center click on “Change File Size.”

3. Choose the image you have to resize, and then enter the desired size in Kb or Mb.

4. Tap on the next download your image will be auto-downloaded.


Q. What Is Px In Photo Size?

MegaPixels (pixels or px) measure the size of digital images, sensors, and displays. Pixels are the length or actual physical size of your image.

Q. How Can I Resize An Image For Free?

While there are plenty of online tools that claim to offer resizing your images, you can use any of the above-discussed and tested websites, which will provide the best results with no charges.

Q. Can You Change Pixel Size?

You can select the desired pixel dimensions or specify the percentage reduction to achieve the desired result. To lower the pixel count in a picture, you can use the online tool Shrink. media.

Wrapping Up

We have discussed three websites that resize the image without reducing the quality. Having these websites with you eases up your user experience regarding image resizing. They are free and can be accessed through a mobile device as well. Along with that, you also get a lot of other formatting tools that can be very handy. So for more helpful information, stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more reads.

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