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UMI X2 VS ZOPO ZP980 Comparison Review

As we had earlier discussed about both the phones in our reviews separately, now we bring you the detailed comparison between both the devices which will help the users to select the phone that suits best to their needs. Starting with UMI X2 phone which is from the new Chinese Mobile Manufacturer that had been recently launched in the Indian Market and sports number of new features and is also getting good response from the customers. It packs 5.0 inch Full HD Screen, Quad Core Processor and various other features. On the other side ZOPO ZP980is already available for pre booking and have features such as the 5.0 inch Full HD screen, 13MP of Camera and various features.

Our in depth Comparison will let you choose which one is better for you depending on the features that these devices supports.

X2        VS       ZP980

Display and processor

As we had stated above that UMI X2 packs a super 5.0 inch Full HD display screen with IPS Retina Screen and Gorilla Glass 2 display for extra protection of the screen. Also the X2 comes with the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel which was expected as the device has the HD screen. On the other side ZOPO ZP980 packs the same 5.0 inch Full HD screen, Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and IPS Retina display. Also ZP980 has Screen Resolution of about 1920 x 1080 pixels with the pixel density of 441 PPI that makes the perfect viewing experience for the user. From the given specs it is clear that both the devices comes with the  almost same display and it is hard to specify among the two but we can state that ZOPO ZP980 will give better output to its users as it is supported by better Processor compared to  X2.

When it comes to the processor UMI X2 boosts 1.5GHz Quad Core MTK6589T processor,whereas the ZP980 also comes [launching very soon] with the upgraded 1.5 GHz Quad Core MTK6589T processor that is the newer Turbo processor and performance wise is somewhat better as compared to the X2. Though both the devices are Quad Core devices and will give good processing speed to the users.So on the processor wise the ZP980 is better than the X2.

Camera and Memory

UMI X2 comes with dual camera options it sports 13 MP of primary camera at the back side with Flashlight and Auto Focus. On the Front side it sports 3.0 MP of front camera with Video Calling options. On the other side ZP980 also comes with the Dual camera options and ZP980 sports 13 MP of primary camera at the rear side with Flashlight and Auto Focus, on the front it has the 5.0 MP of camera which is an additional feature and is not present in most of the devices. In video mode both the devices comes with the HD option which will record 1080p videos with 15fps and the fine mode that too records videos in 1080p at 30fps. So from this it is clear that ZOPO ZP980 has an edge over the UMI X2 as it has better Front Camera and also the Rear Camera clarity is also good.

On the Memory aspect UMI X2 comes with 32 GB of Inbuilt Storage and can be expanded upto 32 GB via Micro SD card, also it has the 2 GB of RAM that makes the apps on the device to run smoothly. Now in ZOPO ZP980 it also has the same 32 GB of Inbuilt storage capacity and 2GB of RAM so on the storage side both the devices seem to be an equal competitor.

Battery and Other features

UMI X2 packs the massive 2500 mAh of battery that seems to be good for the 5.0 inch screen device, though the device comes with the HD screen and will pump up lot of energy from its battery but the battery seems to be a decent one, and can give a good backup to the device. Also the ZOPO ZP980 boosts the same 2500 mAh battery and supports the device nicely. So here also both the device seems to have the same battery specification but it seems that UMI X2 will have good Backup as the Processor and Camera on the ZP980 are on the higher side and will require greater power.

On the features UMI X2 and ZOPO ZP980 both the devices supports Dual SIM capabilities. Also for the connection both have  Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,3G and USB capabilities. Also both the devices runs on the Android v4.2 Jelly Bean Operating System. So most of the features in this two devices looks to be almost same. The UMI X2 has a generic design, on the other hand the ZP980 has a bold and non-curvy design.

Key Specifications

     MODEL              UMI X2              ZOPO ZP980
    Display 5.0 inch HD screen, with screen resolution of about 1920 x 1080 pixel 5.0 inch HD screen, with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel
RAM, ROM 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of Internal Storage memory expandable upto 32GB via Micro SD slot 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of Internal Storage, expandable upto 32GB via Micro SD slot
Processor 1.5GHz Quad Core MTK6589 (Turbo) 1.5 GHz Quad Core MTK6589T (Turbo )
Cameras 13 MP rear, 1.9 MP at the front camera 13 MP rear, 5.0 MP at the front camera
OS Android v4.2 Jelly Bean Android v4.2 Jelly Bean
Battery 2500 mAh 2000 mAh
Price Rs.16,000 Rs.17,999


After comparing all the features it seems like ZOPO ZP980 with better processor and camera has some edge over the UMI X2. But rest of the features are almost same on both the devices. Though ZP980 is costly by almost 2K to the UMI X2, that seems to be a major setback as both the devices offer same features, this difference can be a deciding factor between the two. But if you are really looking for better processor and budget is not a problem for you then you can opt for ZOPO ZP980, otherwise UMI X1 with almost same specification can be picked at a lower price.

UMI X2 VS Zopo 980 Comparison Review Benchmarks, Looks, Hardware and Performance [Video]

47 thoughts on “UMI X2 VS ZOPO ZP980 Comparison Review”

  1. something wrong informations are their…
    1.umi is have only 1.2 ghz prosseser…
    2.front camera of umi x2 is 1.9 pixal

  2. Zopo 980 is coming to india very soon qith 1.5 Ghz Mt6589T – we have the device with us, you will see the review in next 2 on days here

  3. Umi X2 is also coming in 1.5Ghz MT6589T chipset soon in india and the front camera is 3 megapixel on UMI X2 turbo version

  4. I guess you need to state the fact correct as Zopo 16 gig zp980 Turbo version (the white colour) is Actually C2 ultimate version from the parent manufacturer. It is not ZP980.

    What ever the Zopo India says doesn’t mean that you guys repeat like parrot. You guys need to ask them why they are selling C2 with a name of ZP980?

    Good luck!

  5. Well first we don’t repeat things that Zopo india tell us, we have nothing to do with the name of a phone which a company wants to give, they may have some marketing strategy behind it – so they want to name it Zopo 980. Will update you anyways once I have an answer from them 🙂

  6. UMI X2 turbo version release with 2Gb RAM or lower with 32Gb ROM and what is the expected release date.

  7. Umi x2 with turbo will start getting delivered to customers booked it after 10th of this month.

  8. What are the battery specifications of ZOPO ZP980 Turbo edition? Are there any service center of Zopo mobile at Kolkata, West Bengal, India?
    I want to purchase the Zopo mobile from Store/ showroom. So give me the detailed address of zopo mobile distributor at Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

  9. The zopo mobile official website is showing the battery capacity of zopo zp 980 turbo edition is 2000mah. But here in your site the battery is showing 2500mah for the same mobile phone. So which one is correct?

  10. You can only buy the zopo 980 from zopo mobiles website as if now, as if now there are no services centers in kolkata but in future they plan to open it as per the information we have.

  11. None of these phones have voice call recording, but you can search for some apps which can do this for on any phone.

  12. Hey Abhishek,
    Which mobile will be delivered faster?? I live in Bangalore…
    and Umi X2 doesn’t give headphones with their box(is it true?)

  13. yes umi x2 does not have headphones in the package you can buy the headphones additionally though for some extra price.

  14. This website were paid by zopo industries or what? Clearly since the beginning you are pro to zp980!!
    Why the zp980 cpu is better than the umi x2?? If both have the new MTK6589T 1.5ghz processor!!!
    Battery of zp980 is 2000mah, please take look to this official zopo website:
    and UMI X2 battery is 2500mah!!

    Clearly UMI X2 is better than zp980!!!
    The only stuff that zopo wins is that the front camera have 5.0 pixels and Umi x2 3.0 pixels, but there is a big difference? please!!

  15. Does Umi X2 turbo have WiFi b/g or b/g/n?
    Are you sure Zopo zp980 has gorilla glass? The oficial website doesnt mention that

  16. isnt UMI X2 CHINESE ??

    besides are the cameras really worthy their specifications..unlike wickedleaks Passion Z which is a fluke

  17. gurcharan singh

    which better. umi x2 Turbo version 2gb ram vs zopo zp980 Turbo version 2gb ram by back camera, screen, processor for using for internet by GSM 2g network

  18. both are good there is minor difference in hardware but looks make both of these phones really different from each other.

  19. Dear Sir,

    Kindly tell me that ZOPO ZP980 Turbo edition 2GB 32GB having FM radio with RDS & Multicolour LED notification for mail/message/missed call alerts or not?


  20. it has FM radio but not sure about the multi color LED notification, LED light you need to check.

  21. it Legitimate website as we have checked, they have a customer care support number and email mentioned. So u can contact them to confirm your order.

  22. Dear Sir,

    As you says that after 10th july umi started delivery but there is no delivery till now as per fb report and customer care conversation.
    So kindly tell me could i purchase UMI X2 mobile or not & how can i get it?

  23. dear sir after checking so many reviews and purchase experience on zopo 980 from their own online store. I still got doubt that is that the product is genuine or not ?what about the after sales ?and why the company does not ready to sell this product through the stores directly ?please explain about this mobile purchase and the quality after sales etc so that people like me who think of buying good smart phone with their valued money. Sir please do the need full

  24. Yes the product is good, the after sales may not be that good. They have some shipments issues as per the info which we have. You will only get to know about the sales if something wrong happens with the phone.

  25. Sir, which phone would u suggest for a budget of around 20k . Zopo zp980 ultimate ,jiayu g4 advanced, intex aqua i7 or gionee e6?? Also are zoo and jiayu available in market ? Thank you .

  26. Intex aqua i7 and Jiayu G4 looks good out of these, Jiayu G4 is good performer but we still need to test Intex aqua i7

  27. hello ,
    i want to buy this Umi X2 1.5 Ghz phone….but before i buy i need to know whether it will work in indian network? i have to Change the IMEI no.? …..if so then please tell me how?….does it support skype call? please help me!!!!!

  28. UMi x2 does work in india, no change in IMEi required, it will work straight away and we have tested the unit, it worked.

  29. hi abhishek
    thank you very much for all your beautiful reviews based on you videos ive decided to buy an zopo zp980 32 gb phone..,my quiry is
    (1)does ZOPO zp980 turbo 32gb phones 2000maH battery enough for a full day medium usage?
    (2) What is the best price for zp980 turbo 32gb where in Bangalore can i buy it ?
    (3)How about the service for zp980?
    please reply ([email protected])
    thank u

  30. hi abhi
    the online price on the official wesite of zopo 980 says its Rs19599.
    is there any other online shopping or store in bangalore to sell at a better price?
    thank u

  31. Actually the Umi X2 turbo has the same processor like the ZOPO and the front camera of the Umi X2 is 5MP, I have one right now and antutu confirms it. There is basically no difference in the phones whatsoever except the battery capacity and the quality of construction plus different brand name but same specs.

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