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Xiaomi Redmi 4 Vs Motorola Moto G5 Quick Comparison Review

Xiaomi Redmi 4 is the latest mid range smartphone to be launched in India by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Packing 4 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 435 SoC at just Rs. 10,999, the brand new handset directly competes with the Motorola Moto G5. However, both the phones have their own pros and cons. Let’s put them side by side and find out which is the better device.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Vs Motorola Moto G5 Specifications

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Design and Build Quality

The Redmi 4 is based on the proven designs and builds of the Redmi 3S and Redmi Note 4. With subtly curved edges and metal back, it feels significantly better in hand than the boxy Moto G5. Xiaomi’s latest smartphone is miles ahead in terms of build quality too. However, some may like the front mounted fingerprint scanner of Motorola’s offering.

Do note that the Redmi 4 is almost 0.9 mm thinner than the Moto G5 despite having a 46 percent larger battery.

Verdict: Xiaomi Redmi 4 is a clear winner.


Moto G5

A 5-inch HD (1280 x 720) IPS LCD panel sits on the front of the Redmi 4. On the other hand, the Moto G5 rocks a 5-inch screen with Full HD (1080 x 1920) resolution. While the Redmi 4 looks more premium with a 2.5D curved display, it the Motorola’s handset which sports the better display. The Moto G5 not only boasts a sharper screen but also excels in colour reproduction. However, speaking of outdoor usage, the G5 is not par with the Redmi 4 which gleams under direct sunlight.

Verdict: Moto G5 has a better and sharper display.

Hardware and Storage

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 comes with a Snapdragon 435 chipset while the Moto G5 features a Snapdragon 430 SoC. Coming to processing power, both the chips are absolutely identical. The only difference between the SD 435 and SD 430 is in their 4G modems.

Storage-wise, there is 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory inside the Redmi 4, while the Moto G5 sports 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. There is also a 2 GB / 16 GB and 3 GB / 32 GB model of the Redmi 4. They cost Rs. 6,999 and Rs. 8,999 respectively.

Verdict: Tie in terms of processing power, while the Redmi 4 edges ahead in connectivity and memory.

Software and Performance

The Redmi 4 runs on MIUI 8 based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, while the Moto G5 boots the stock version of Nougat. Apart from the usual Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based MIUI 8, Redmi 4 users will also be able to switch to Android 7.0 Nougat beta version of the MIUI 8.

Looks-wise, it all comes down to personal preferences. However, coming to the performance, Motorola’s phone pulls ahead of its rival. It is not only faster but also way better in multitasking than the Redmi 4. Individual app operations like gaming are similar in both the smartphones.

Verdict: Moto G5 is the winner due to its enhanced capability of retaining background applications.


Moto G5

On paper, the camera specifications of the Redmi 4 and Moto G5 appears to be identical. However, it is the latter which performs better in real life scenario. The 13 MP rear camera of Motorola’s phone not only captures more details but also perfects the colour reproduction when compared to Redmi 4. However, this does not imply that the latter has a substandard camera. The successor of the Redmi 3S Prime is still better than most of the smartphones of its category.

Verdict: Moto G5 emerges as the winner.

Xiaomi Redmi 4


Here is where the Snapdragon 435 SoC comes handy. The Redmi 4 sports a better 4G modem than the SD 430 totting Moto G5. The former offers up to 300 Mbps / 100 Mbps download/upload speeds while the latter is restricted to 150 Mbps / 75 Mbps only. Xiaomi’s smartphone also boasts an IR blaster for universal remote operations. Other connectivity options are the same though.

Verdict: The Redmi 4 is a clear winner.


With a 4,100 mAh battery, the Redmi 4 simply destroys the Moto G5 which has a mediocre 2,800 mAh cell. Thus, the former has almost 46 percent larger battery than the latter. This combined with a lower resolution display, the Redmi 4 is a champion in power backup.

Verdict: Redmi 4 is the obvious winner.


The Redmi 4 is ahead in terms of build quality, memory, connectivity, and battery backup, while the Moto G5 excels in display quality, performance, and camera. However, there is another thing which is in favour of Xiaomi’s handset. It is the price. The 4 GB / 64 GB Redmi 4 costs Rs. 10,999, whereas, the 3 GB / 32 GB Moto G5 usually retails for Rs. 11,999. So, which one will you buy? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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