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WhatsApp vs Google Duo Video Calling- Which is better?

WhatsApp is a full-fledged messenger while Duo is built specifically for video calling. So, does it make the latter a better choice for video calls? Let’s find out the same in our detailed WhatsApp vs Google Duo comparison.

WhatsApp vs Google Duo: Comparison

WhatsApp is no doubt, is the most popular communication app for messaging and calling. However, since Duo doesn’t offer to text, we’ll be comparing both the apps on the grounds of video quality, features, security, and platform availability.


Both WhatsApp and Google Duo are fairly easy to be used by anyone, ranging from youngsters to elders. You just need to download the app and register with your phone number, after which your contacts will be synced to see who is available for video calling. Either of them can be used to connect with friends, family, and other informal video chats.

No. of Participants

WhatsApp allows a maximum of eight participants, while Duo supports up to twelve people at a time. Previously, both the services allowed eight and four people, respectively. However, the limits were increased due to the coronavirus lockdown. Google is planning to expand it further in the coming time.

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Google Duo is all about video calling, and therefore, it has the upper hand in terms of features and quality when compared to WhatsApp.

To start with, it’s got a portrait mode that allows you to blur unnecessary objects in the background, followed by a dedicated low-light mode, which enhances the quality in dim-lit conditions. And then there’s an option to capture moments in high-quality collages during a 1:1 video call.

Duo also boasts a unique Knock Knock feature, which lets others see your video before they answer the call and vice versa (can be disabled). This takes the call experience to a whole new level. WhatsApp, in comparison, is quite straightforward and doesn’t offer any fancy features. Though, both the apps are equipped with low data usage mode for calls.


Google has lately employed the new AV1 video codec that improves quality for low-bandwidth video calls. Furthermore, it uses Artificial Intelligence to reduce interruptions. This makes it significantly better, especially with slower connections. In our usage, WhatsApp was quicker to connect while Duo performed better in terms of video clarity and frame rate.


WhatsApp is a fully-loaded instant messaging app that lets users share text, pictures, videos, live locations, and other files within the chat. You can even add photos and video stories, similar to Instagram.

While Duo doesn’t let you text, it does allow sending temporary messages that last for 24 hours. You can either send a customizable doodle/ text or a voice note. Moreover, you can share videos or photos with numerous filters and AR effects to choose from.

Security & Privacy

Both WhatsApp and Google Duo are secured with end-to-end encryption. This means that your calls, messages, photos, and videos can only be read by the intended recipient.

Platform Availability

WhatsApp is available on Android, iPhone, and PC through WhatsApp Web. It also has separate clients for Mac and Windows. Unfortunately, the desktop and web versions don’t yet support video calling.

Likewise, Google Duo can be downloaded on Android and iOS. While there’s no standalone desktop client, you can access the web version on your PC to make calls without a phone number.

Download WhatsApp | Download Google Duo

WhatsApp vs Google Duo: Final Words

There’s no doubt that Google Duo is better than WhatsApp with regards to video calling features, quality, and participant limit. Nonetheless, WhatsApp offers features like texting and file sharing, which make it multi-purpose. Plus, it’s way more popular, giving it a sheer advantage when it comes to the availability of people on the platform.

In the end, it’s all about your requirements. If you and your friends or family are ready to install a separate app for video calls, then Duo is the way to go for. If not, then WhatsApp would work just fine.

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