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Redmi Earbuds S Vs Realme Buds Air Neo: Which one should you buy?

Realme recently released a new and improved Realme Buds Air Neo at a more affordable price than the original one. The Buds Air Neo is priced at Rs. 2,999 in India. Redmi, on the other hand, released its first true wireless earphones in India, Redmi Earbuds S which comes at a super affordable price of Rs 1,799. Let’s compare both of them and see which one is the best for you at this budget segment competition.

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Design and Build

Talking about the design, both wireless earphones are a whole lot different than each other. The Realme Buds Air Neo inherited the design and form factor from the Realme Buds Air except for the color options. This Realme Buds Air Neo comes in three completely different colors including; Pop white, Rock Red and Punk Green.

The Redmi Earbuds S comes at a lot lesser than the Realme ones, and the design shows it a little bit. The design is completely different than what other brands are doing in this true earphones category. These come in a rather bigger case with the buds which are completely in-ear design, not those semi-in-ear design like in Apple AirPods.

Sound and Connectivity

Both the brand are doing just fine in terms of specifications and Realme is on the upper side with bigger drivers at ess price. The Redmi Earbuds S comes with a touch-sensitive button that can be used for multiple situations. The drivers are 7.2mm and it supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

When it comes to Realme Buds Air Neo, the brand didn’t step back for even a single step when making affordable earbuds. The drivers on the Realme Buds Air Neo are even bigger than the ones on the Realme Buds Air. You get 13mm drivers on the affordable compared to the 12mm drivers on the original one.


The Realme Buds Air Neo is a bit expensive than the Redmi Earbuds S so you would expect a bit more features here. It comes with Realme’s ow R1 chip to make sure you get the seamless connection every time and latency as low as 119.2 ms to make your gaming better.

Now when it comes to the Redmi Earbuds S, despite it less price, you are getting that low latency gaming mode which reduces the latency to 122ms. There is a button on the side of the buds do you can control almost everything and can also launch Google Assistant.


When it comes to battery, both the brands have different claims than each other. The Realme Buds Air Neo comes with a complete battery life of 3 hours per charge on the buds and a complete of 17 hours including the case. The Redmi Earbuds S comes with a bigger 4 hours playback on the buds but less 12 hours playback including the case.

Wrapping up

The Realme Buds Air Neo and Redmi Earbuds S both are a very completely different true wireless approach from different brands. You can clearly see that Realme Buds Air Neo is a good choice here but you cannot ignore that price to value ratio you are getting on the Redmi Earbuds S.

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