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Mitron App Removed From Google Play Store

Google has removed the Mitron app from the Play Store. The Mitron app was suspended for violating some developer policies under the Google Play Store. As we found out in our research, the app had a Pakistani connection and mentioned no privacy policy as well. There is no wonder it got removed from Play Store.

Just a few days ago, Mitron gained momentum in India as a competitor to TikTok. It was being hailed as an Indian app and this was the reason it became popular in no time. As we all know that anti-China sentiment in the country is all-time high these days and coming of Mitron as a rival to China-based TikTok proved to be a boon for it.

Mitron Removed From Play Store

Now, in a recent development, Google has removed the app from its Play Store. We found out that Mitron was red-flagged by the tech giant. Google decided to suspend its services for violating its ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy.

As per Google’s Spam and Minimum Functionality developer policy, “At a minimum, apps should provide users with a basic degree of functionality and a respectful user experience. Apps that crash, exhibit other behaviour that is not consistent with a functional user experience, or that serve only to spam users or Google Play are not apps that expand the catalog in a meaningful way.”

As we mentioned in our last story on Mitron, this app has no proper privacy policies mentioned. Also, there is no website or mention of developers anywhere. The only given on the Play Store page open a blank page only. However, the incognito developers can still challenge the suspension from Play Store if they have enough data to prove themselves.

Meanwhile, several other apps of the same name and some of even same nature have spotted on the Play Store. These apps were also launched in late May and have been following the trend started by Mitron i.e. targeting the anti-China sentiments. While the Mitron has been blocked, these clones are still there, and Google has taken no action against them as of now.


Satyendra Pal Singh

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