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How to Stop Someone From Commenting on Your Instagram Posts

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Keeping your Instagram profile comes with some perks such as you will gain followers. But it also invites some unwanted commentators to our personal posts. Sometimes these stalkers trouble us with spams and sometimes there are even hate comments on our Instagram posts. If you too are annoyed by such spammers, here is how you can stop someone from commenting on your Instagram posts.

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Stop Someone From Commenting on Instagram

1] Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Go to your profile tab by tapping on your profile picture thumbnail in the right bottom corner.

2] Now tap on the hamburger button in the top-right corner and head to Settings > Privacy and then select “Comments”.

3] Here, you will see two options “Allow Comments From” and “Block Comments From”.

4] The “Allow Comments From” option allows you to limit who can leave a comment on your posts and the other option blocks people from commenting.

5] By default, the allow comments section is configured to “Everyone.” Here you can change it to only people you follow, your followers, or both.

6] Alternatively, you can block individual profiles from commenting on your posts. To do so, tap on the “Block Comments From” section.

7] From the next page, search for the person’s Instagram handle whom you want to block at the top of the screen.

8] When they appear in the results, tap the “Block” button next to their profile. You can add as many profiles to the block list as you want.

It is to be noted that Instagram won’t notify the users that you have blocked them. Also, they will still be able to comment on your posts, but those comments won’t be visible to anyone except them.

Instagram Restrict Feature

If you still want to read these blocked users’ comments, you can use Instagram’s restrict feature. When you restrict a user on Instagram, their comments are visible to you, however, those are hidden by default as “Restricted Comment” under your posts. You can read them by tapping the “See Comment” or remove them with the “Delete” button.

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If you want to unblock someone later, simply go to this page again and tap the “Unblock” button next to the profile.

If there’s still someone who is stalking you on Instagram, you can block that person or switch to a private profile.

We hope you'd found this guide helpful. Tell us in the comments if you still have any issues.

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