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How to Delete Blurry Pictures to Clear Space on Google Photos

As you may know that Google is ending its free unlimited storage service of Google Photos from June 01, 2021. For those who are unaware, Google offers 15GB of free storage with each Google account. And as of now, if you upload images, videos in the original quality, it counts in your 15GB free plan and if you upload only high-quality images, it allows unlimited space on the Photos. But this will change from June 1, so if you want to clear more space, here’s how you can delete blurry pictures to clear space on Google Photos.

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Google Photos New Storage Rules

Google is ending its unlimited storage starting from June 1, 2021. As per the new policy, Google will count all new photos and videos you upload towards the free 15 GB quota. However, photos uploaded before June 1, 2021, will NOT be counted.

So all the photos that you have backed up till now and will back up before June 1, 2021, will be exempted from the 15GB limit. You can also choose not to backup all photos to drive. But if you have already uploaded so many pictures, you can choose to clear some space by deleting some unwanted pictures, like blurry ones.

Steps to Delete Blurry Pictures from Google Photos

Google is planning to launch some new features in Google Photos to help you manage the storage and it will be a new storage management tool.

1. You will find it under the “Review and Delete” section of the Google Photos app (as you can see in the above image). Tap on “Blurry photos” and select photos to delete.

2. Lastly, tap on “Move to trash” and that’s it. Your blurry pictures will be deleted instantly.

This is how you can delete blurry pictures from Google Photos. You can also delete screenshots and duplicate pictures, though this feature has already been available in Google Photos for a while now.

When your photo uploads from June 1st will count against the free 15GB limit, you should check which photos to keep and which photos not to keep. In such a case, Google’s new storage management feature inside Google Photos will help you.

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As mentioned, this storage new policy will take effect on June 1, 2021, however, as per Google, over 80% of users will still be able to store approx. three years of content in the free quota. After filling this, you will also have the option to buy storage from Google One Plans that start from 100GB for INR 130/month.

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