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2 Ways to Import Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendar

Birthdays are special for everyone, and we all love wishing our friends, acquaintances, and family on their birthdays. Facebook has played a major role, helping us with the notification reminders of our close ones. However, oftentimes either the Facebook notification is delayed, or you miss out to notice them. In such cases, you can import these birthdays to your Google Calendar, to keep them right in front of us, and sync across our phones and PC. Read on as we discuss how to import Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar.

Facebook Birthday to Google Calendar

How To Import Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendar?

There are two ways to import your Facebook birthday list to your Google Calendar. Let's have a look at them.

Use the Extension

The easy method to import Facebook birthdays to your Google Calendar is to use a browser extension. Here's how it works.

1. Add the Birthday Calendar Exporter for Facebook extension to your browser.

2. Go to the Facebook website and Login into your Facebook account.

3. Click on the extension from the top right corner of your browser.

4. Under the Scan Birthdays tab, click on Start Scan.

5. This will scan through all your Facebook friends birthdays and display them under the Calendar tab.

Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar

6. Under the Calendar Generator tab, click on Generate and Download, to create an ICS file of the complete birthday list.

Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar

7. Now go to Google Calendar and click on the Settings icon.

8. Go to Create New Calendar, provide a name and description to it and click on Create Calendar.

Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar

9. Now go to Import and Export tab and click on Select files from Computer under the Import tab.

10. After the import, you will be able to see the birthdays added to your Google Calendar.

Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar

Change Facebook Language to Fix Extension Error

If you are facing hiccups while scanning through the birthdays using the extension, try changing the default language on your Facebook account.

1. Under the Language and Region settings on Facebook, change the Facebook language from English UK to English US or vice versa.

2. Save the changes and scan again. This time, the scan should be completed successfully.

Save Birthdays Manually

If you are not able to import the birthdays directly to Facebook, you can save them manually as well to your Google Calendar, it is a tiresome process, but works without any hiccups.

1. Go to your Google Calendar.

2. Click on Create, and enter the details of the birthday.

3. Set the time duration to All Day and repeat annually.

Bonus: Add Voice Reminder to Google Calendar

Now, that you have imported the Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar, you can set a custom sound reminder for the Google Calendar Events. Check out our guide to adding a sound reminder to Google Calendar.

Wrapping Up: Import Facebook Birthdays to Google Calendar

These are the two quick ways to import your Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar. We hope the article helped you achieve the same. If you found this guide helpful, share it with your friends, and check out more tech tips and tricks linked below. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks.

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