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4 Ways to Watch YouTube on TV Using YouTube Mobile App

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YouTube on TV lacks many features available in its mobile app like changing the playback speed, adding videos in the queue, posting a comment, etc. This is where the need to connect our phone with our TV comes in. In this article, let’s see how to watch YouTube on TV using the YouTube app on your phone. Meanwhile, you can also read controlling Android TV without a remote.

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How to Watch YouTube on TV Via YouTube Mobile App

You can connect your devices to watch YouTube on your smart TV or streaming device, using multiple ways. Let’s have a look at them.

Use YouTube on TV Using the Connect Feature

You can extend your YouTube TV experience by pairing it with your phone using the Connect feature. However, in order to use this feature, you must log into the same Google Account on your phone and Android TV, and both apps should be running on the latest version. Here’s how to connect them:

1. While watching YouTube on TV, open the YouTube app on your phone.

2. Make sure that you are signed into the same Google account as on your TV.

3. Click on Connect on the popup, that appears on your phone. If you didn’t see the popup on your phone, try closing the app and reopening it again.

4 Ways To Use Youtube On TV Using Youtube App

4. Once done, you can use all the mobile features on your TV as well, like searching for videos, fast-forwarding them, using voice search, and using your phone as a remote.

5. In case you want to disconnect it, tap on the cast icon at the top and then select Disconnect.

4 Ways To Use Youtube On TV Using Youtube App

Control YouTube on TV from Phone via TV Code

If you are not logged into the same Google account on your TV and phone or simply don’t want to, you can use a TV Code to link your TV with your phone. Follow the below steps to do so:

1. Launch the YouTube app on your TV.

2. Go to Settings from the profile icon at the top right.

3. Scroll down to Link with TV code and you will see a code on your screen.

4. Now, click on your profile icon in the Youtube App on your phone.

Connecting using TV Code To Use Youtube On TV Using Youtube App

5. Select Settings from the given options.

Connecting using TV Code To Use Youtube On TV Using Youtube App

6. Now, tap on Watch on TV.

Connecting using TV Code To Use Youtube On TV Using Youtube App

7. Under Link with TV Code, tap Enter TV Code.

Connecting using TV Code To Use Youtube On TV Using Youtube App

8. Now, type the code displayed on your TV screen and click Link.

Connecting using TV Code To Use Youtube On TV Using Youtube App

That’s it. The YouTube app on your phone is successfully linked to the YouTube app on your smart TV.

Play YouTube on TV via Casting

You can also connect your TV with your phone using the Cast feature. However, unlike the above methods, to use this feature, your TV and phone must be connected to the same WiFi network. You will also need to have a Chromecast or similar service enabled.

Once done, follow these steps to watch YouTube On TV using the mobile app on your phone:

1. Play any YouTube video on your phone and click on the Cast icon from the top.

YouTUbe Cast

2. Select your TV from the list of available devices.

3. That’s it. The video will now start playing on your TV.

Bonus: Cast Using Google Home app

You can also use YouTube on TV using YouTube App by casting the screen via the Google Home app. Here’s how to do it:

1. Install the Google Home app on your phone. Open it and tap Get Started.

Cast Using Google Home

2. Choose an account and give the location access.

Cast Using Google Home

3. Turn on the Personal Hotspot of your phone.

4. Connect your TV to the Phone’s Wi-Fi network to mirror.

5. Refresh the page, and choose your TV from other Cast Devices.

Cast Using Google Home

6. Finally, tap on Cast My Screen at the bottom.

Cast Using Google Home

7. Confirm it by clicking on Cast Screen when prompted.

Cast Using Google Home

8. Now, click on Start Now to start capturing everything that’s displayed on your screen.

Cast Using Google Home

9. Now, your screen will be mirrored on your TV, and everything you do on your phone will be displayed on your TV including YouTube.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can watch YouTube on your TV using the YouTube mobile app. I hope you found this article helpful; if you did, make sure to like and share it. Check out other tips linked below, and stay tuned for more such amazing tech tips and tricks.

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