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5 Ways to Check Your Instagram Reels Watch History

Have you been searching for a way to rewatch an Instagram Reel you recently swiped away? Worry not; we have you covered. Starting with the basics, one way to do it is to download Reels videos with sound for free on your phone to watch them anytime. Besides that, this explainer will demonstrate to re-watch your Instagram Reels History. Furthermore, you can learn to save reels on Instagram and Facebook.

How to Check Instagram Reels History?

In this read, we have discussed five ways to check your reel history, and replay your favorite reels on Instagram. Without any further adieu, let’s dive into them.

Explore Instagram Reels that you’ve liked before

Instagram allows users to trace back and re-watch the videos/reels they have liked while browsing the app. This way, you can easily locate your favorite Instagram Reel by browsing the entire like history. Follow these steps to try this on the Instagram app.

1. Open your Instagram profile in the app (Google Play Store, Apple App Store) and press the Menu button in the top-right corner.

2. Next, tap the Your Activity option.

3. Tap the Interactions option and then select likes to see all your liked reels and posts on Instagram.

4. Finally, browse the list to locate the reel you wish to rewatch and tap on it to play.

Browse Saved Tab to Check Instagram Reels Watch History

If you like watching a reel on Instagram, you can save it to your account to view it later. This way, you can conveniently re-watch your favorite Instagram reel per your wishes. Follow these steps to locate the reels you have saved on Instagram:

1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.

2. Switch to the Profile icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Open the Hamburger menu by tapping on the top right corner of the screen.

4. Next, press the Saved option to view all your saved reels and posts on Instagram. Browse through this list to locate and re-watch your favorite Instagram reel.

Check Instagram Reels Watch History from your Account Activity Data

Instagram keeps an entire activity log of each user interacting with its app. This activity log is a detailed report of everything you have done on the app. You can request and download this detailed activity report by accessing Instagram on your PC. Using this data, you can easily locate all the reels you’ve watched in the app. Follow these simple steps to achieve the same.

1. Open and sign in to Instagram web, in a browser on your PC/Laptop.

2. Next, click on the More button in the bottom-left corner to open Settings.

3. Navigate and expand Privacy and Security.

Instagram Reels Watch History

4. Scroll Down to locate the Data Download section and click on Request Download.

Instagram Reels Watch History

5. Provide your email address and account password to authenticate and receive the file at your mail address.

Instagram Reels Watch History

6. Depending on the amount of your account’s content, this email containing the download link can take up to 14 Days to arrive in your provided mailbox.

7. Download the zip file received via mail using the Download Information link and extract it to a folder on your system.

Instagram Reels Watch History

8. Open the extracted folder and navigate to Content.

9. Here, locate the reels.html file and double-click on it to view all your Instagram reel watch history. If you can’t find the reels.html file, you can explore the Instagram_videos.html file to view the same.

Instagram Reels Watch History

10. Scroll down the list to locate the Instagram Reel you wish to rewatch.

Update: You can only view your uploaded videos in the reels.html file on downloading account activity of your creator account with the recent update. Conversely, the reels.html file of your personal Instagram account might contain your reels watch history.

Search Instagram Reels on Facebook

In case you can’t find the desired reel you wish to rewatch, you can search for reels on Instagram using Facebook. Content creators often upload their video reels on both platforms to increase their audience and reach. You can use this to your advantage by browsing popular reels using the Facebook Search tab. Here’s how:

1. Open the Facebook app and search for the creator’s name/page in the search bar.

2. Browse through the page to find the desired reel to rewatch it.

Google the Viral Instagram Reel to Rewatch It

If you remember the content creator whose reel you wish to rewatch, you can google its name with the reel keyword to find relevant results. In a jiffy, you will instantly come across the most popular reel from the searched creator.

Instagram Reels Watch History

Bonus: Check Instagram Reels Insights

If you are a creator and wish to know about the performance of your uploaded Instagram Reel, you can achieve it with the help of the check Instagram Reels Insights tool to know Plays, Account Reaches, and more.


Q: How to see the reels you viewed on Instagram?

A: Refer to the methods listed in this explainer to see the reels you’ve viewed on Instagram.

Q: Can you check reels watch history on the Instagram app?

A: Yes, you can either access the Saved tab or view App Interactions to view the reels’ watch history.

Q: How to download an Instagram Reel?

A: Check out our detailed explainer to download Instagram Reel Video with Sound for Free.

Wrapping Up: Relive your Favorite Reels

In this article, we have discussed the five ways to check Instagram Reels history and re-watch them using your Instagram app. If this article has helped you with the same, then share it with your friends who might be curious to relive their favorite Instagram reel. Stay subscribed to GadgetsToUse, and check the below links for more interesting guides.

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