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How to Remove Third Party App Access From Paytm Wallet

If you prefer using Paytm for making digital payments, giving your account access to other third-party apps can be an absolute nightmare. This not only creates a security concern but poses a big threat to your precious savings in the Paytm wallet. Worry not; as this explainer demonstrates the steps to remove third-party app access from your Paytm Wallet. Furthermore, you can learn to Create a Private UPI number on Paytm.

Why Should you Remove Third-Party App Access from Paytm Wallet?

A third-party app, accessing your Paytm wallet for easy payments might sound convenient initially for payments, but it creates a potential security risk in the long run. Here’s why:

  • If you’ve enabled auto payments for certain third-party subscription apps, they can debit the required amount from your wallet without asking you for it.
  • Similarly, if a third-party app has recently been a victim of a large data breach, your sensitive details, including the information about your Paytm wallet, will be in the hands of the scammer/fraudster who might try to dupe you later.

That said, let’s quickly look at the steps required to remove third-party app access from your wallet.

Steps to Remove Third-Party App Access from Paytm Wallet

In order to view and remove all third-party app access from your Paytm wallet, you need to follow these easy steps on your Android / iPhone.

1. Open the Paytm app (Android/iOS) and tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner.

2. Next, press the UPI and Payment Settings to configure it.

3. Scroll down to the next page to locate the Paytm Wallet option, and tap it to access your wallet settings.

4. Finally, tap on the ‘Third Party Apps Linked with Wallet.’

5. Here, you can now view the list of all the third-party apps having access to your Paytm wallet.

6. To remove an app from the list, simply tap the Delete button next to it. We recommend removing all the third-party apps in the list to be on the safer side.

Remove Paytm Third Party App

Bonus: Disable UPI in Paytm and Other Digital Payments App

Besides removing third-party app access, if you feel uncomfortable using UPI for making payments digitally, you can disable it on Paytm and other digital payment apps by following our guide to disable UPI.


Q: How to log out of Paytm from all Devices?

A: You can log out from Paytm, via the Paytm app settings page, on your current phone. Also, in case of an emergency situation, you can remotely log out from the Paytm app, across all devices.

Q: How to Unlink Paytm Wallet from Flipkart, Zomato, Reliance, etc.?

A: Follow the easy steps mentioned in this guide to unlike or remove access to various third-party apps, such as Flipkart, Zomato, etc., from your Paytm wallet.

Wrapping Up: Digital Safety is just a Tap Away!

We hope you’ve learned to remove all unnecessary third-party apps linked to your Paytm wallet in this explainer. If you find it useful, spread the word with your loved ones to keep them safe in the digital space. Check out our dedicated guide on Paytm Privacy tips, and other informative walkthroughs linked below, and stay tuned to GadgetsTouse for more such reads.

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