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3 Ways to Check Whether BIS, ISI, and Hallmark Is Genuine or Not

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If you are looking for a way to find out whether the product you are about to purchase or have already purchased is genuine, has passed all the safety standards and quality checks, or not? Then you have come to the right place. The products have a BIS, ISI, and Hallmark to certify that. Today, in this read, we will guide you on how to check the BIS, ISI mark, and Hallmark and verify if it is genuine. Meanwhile, you can also learn how to identify fake discounts on Amazon and Flipkart!

How to Check the Bis, ISI, or Hallmark on Any Product?

Though BIS, ISI, and Hallmark are all used as a standard to measure and certify the product is of good quality, as per Indian standards, and genuine. They are all used for different types of goods, so let’s learn what they are.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

BIS is the National Standard Body of India for the quality standards of products; it falls under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution. A BIS hallmarking is for consumer products like electronic gadgets, jewelry, gold, silver, etc. It signifies that the said product has undergone various quality tests and rigorous testing, and the purity of materials in the case of jewelry.

Indian Standards Institution (ISI)

BIS was previously called the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) and has been a standards-compliance mark for industrial products in India since 1955. It is mandatory for 90 types of products, while advisory for others.

Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID)

A Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) number is a six-digit Alphanumeric code consisting of numbers and letters. HUID is linked to every piece of jewelry at the time of hallmarking, and it is unique for every piece of jewelry. With this HUID number, the jewelry becomes traceable, ensures the purity of Hallmarked jewelry, and checks for any malpractice. Hallmarked jewelry is manually stamped with a unique number at the Assaying & Hallmarking Centre.

Where to Find the BIS, ISI, or Hallmark for Any Product?

Usually, the BIS or ISI mark can be found on the product’s packaging. If not, then it can be found somewhere printed on the product (which is very rare), while smartphone have a digital copy of the BIS mark in the about phone section.

In case of the hallmark can be found stamped on the jewelry, and it consists of a BIS number, purity level, and HUID 6-digit number. You can also find the Hallmark on the certificate, where the following numbers signify the purity level.

  • 916 = 22 carat
  • 750 = 18 carat
  • 585 = 14 carat

If you are doing window shopping, there’s no way to check the BIS or ISI mark, as shopping portals do not list these details on their page. However, well-known platforms like Flipkart and Amazon mandate sellers to fill in the BIS information for required products to sell goods online.

How to Check the Authenticity of BIS, ISI, or Hallmark?

Now that we know the importance of each mark, we must look for it while shopping. Let’s discuss how to check whether these marks are genuine or just a replica to deceive you.

Method 1 – Check if BIS or ISI Mark is Genuine on the Web

First, let’s learn how to verify the authenticity of the a BIS or ISI mark on the good you are about to purchase or have already purchased.

1. Go to on a web browser.

2. Navigate to Conformity Assessment > Online Information.

3. Under Online Information, click on Product Certification Scheme.

4. Here, click on Search a license. Or you can directly click this link.

5. Fill in the mark’s CM/L (license number) or registration number (depending on the product).

6. This will display all the details about the product, including:

  • Name and Address of the manufacturer
  • Standard number
  • Validity Date
  • Active Status
  • Brand Name
  • Product Type

Method 2 – Check If Hallmark is Genuine

The BIS website also lets you check the authenticity of a Hallmark using the Hallmark Unique Identification Number. Here’s how it can be done.

1. Visit the Online Information page under Conformity Assessment on the BIS portal.

2. On the next page, click on the Hallmarking scheme.

3. Enter the hallmark number to get and verify details about the hallmark.

Method 3 – Use the BIS Care App

There’s also an app to check the authenticity of BIS or ISI mark via the official app, which is an easy and handy way. Opening up a browser and navigating to the page can be a cumbersome process for some; in that case, you can quickly check the validity within seconds by following these steps.

1. Download the (Android, iOS) on your phone.

2. Click on Verify R-No under CRS in case of BIS-marked products.

3. Enter the registration number mentioned under the BIS mark on the product.

4. For ISI-marked products, click on Verify Licence Details.

5. Enter the CM/L (Commodity License) number mentioned on the product.

6. There’s an option to raise a complaint if anything is wrong about that mark or if it is fake.

7. Similarly, you can tap on Verify on HUID to check the purity of jewelry and whether the mark is genuine.

How to Find If Bis or ISI Mark Is Genuine?

Licenses to use the BIS Standard Mark on a large number of products are granted to manufacturers under the Conformity Assessment Scheme/Hallmarking Scheme operated under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016. The Standard Mark for every product is unique and is notified in the Gazette of India. A License number is also mentioned along with the standard mark. This helps identify the unit that has manufactured the product/marked the product at a specific location.

If the mark or any other detail is found to be fake, or you find someone misusing the mark, then you can report it to the authorities:

  • Dy Director General (Policy Research & Training)
    Bureau of Indian Standards
    Manak Bhawan,
    9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
    New Delhi-110002
    [email protected]
  • Head (Complaints Management and Enforcement Department)
    Bureau of Indian Standards
    Room No. 560, Mankalaya,
    9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
    New Delhi-110002.
    Tel: +91-11-23235069
    Email: [email protected]
    Complaint on Web at
  • email on: [email protected]
  • BIS Care App
  • Contact the local brand office

Penalty for Misuse of BIS or ISI Mark

1. If any person is found contravening the provisions of sub-section (6) or (8) of section 14 or section 15 of the BIS Act, 2016:

  • Imprisonment up to 1 year
  • A fine of 1 lakh to a maximum of 5 times the value of the product

If the product’s value cannot be determined, the fine will equal the total turnover of the previous annual year.

2. If any person is found contravening the provisions of section 17 of the BIS Act, 2016:

  • Imprisonment up to 2 years
  • A fine of 2 lakhs for the first contravention, a fine of 5 lakhs for the second and subsequent contraventions, to a maximum of 10 times the value of the product
  • If the product’s value cannot be determined, the fine will equal the total turnover of the previous annual year.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can check whether a product’s BIS, ISI mark, and hallmark you have purchased or are going to purchase is genuine, whether it comes with a quality test checkup, and whether it is to buy and use that product. From April 1, 2023, the use of 6 digit HUID number is mandatory in India, and the old 4-digit HUID number is no longer in use. Stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such reads, and check the ones linked below.

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