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4 Ways to Save Full Webpage As Image on Your Phone and Computer

There are at times you find a very interesting article or maybe a new food recipe, but because of poor internet or any other reason. You want to save the webpage as a pdf or image, so you can read it again even without the internet. Now you must be wondering I’m kidding, how can this be possible? What if I tell you, it is possible and can be done on your phone as well as computer.

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4 Ways to Save a Webpage as Image or PDF on your Phone and Computer

We will guide you through the steps, to save a webpage as an Image or PDF on your Phone and Computer. Let’s start with the easiest one.

1. Save Webpage as Image on your phone

Most modern-day smartphones come with a very useful feature called Scrolling Screenshot. It enables you to take a screenshot of the content on your screen, along with the content above and below that portion, which is currently not visible on your phone’s screen.

  • Open any webpage or article of your choiceSave webpage as image and pdf
  • Take a regular screenshot of your phone’s screen
  • Now, you’ll see this little option called Expanded Screenshot (it could be called something else depending on your phone). Tap on itSave webpage as image and pdf
  • Now, your phone will click a screenshot of the webpage like this.Save webpage as image and pdf

Note: This trick works for iPhones as well.

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2. Save Webpage as PDF on your Phone

Most people forget there’s a feature baked into almost every single phone, which lets you easily convert any webpage or article into a PDF. That too for Free!! Here’s how to do it:

  • Open any webpage or article of your choice
  • If you are using Chrome:
    • Tap on the 3 dots (top right)Save webpage as image and pdf
    • Click on ShareSave webpage as image and pdf
    • Tap on PrintSave webpage as image
    • Set the drop-down menu to Save as PDFSave webpage as image and pdf
    • Click on Save PDF Button

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  • If you are using Safari:
    • Tap on the Share button, next to the URLSave webpage as image and pdf
    • Click on Markup
    • Now you will see a window where you can make notes on the webpage, like this. If you want to make some notes then you can. Or just tap on Done at the top left.
    • Tap on Save File To, and choose the location you want to save the file to.

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3. Save Webpages as PDF on Computer

You can also save a Webpage as a PDF on your computer. All you need to do is follow these steps.

  • Open any webpage or article of your choice
  • Go to 3 dots menu (top right)
  • Click on Print (or use shortcut Ctrl+P)
  • Choose Save as PDF.
  • Press Save Button.

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4. Save Webpages as Image on Computer

Now this trick depends on the browser you are using, few browsers (like firefox) natively support saving a webpage as an image, while some browsers don’t. But we have extensions for the rescue. You can try these extensions on Google Chrome:

Both these extensions support the feature to save the complete webpage or save a specific part of the webpage. Also, both these extensions also support note-making tools on the webpage before saving.

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So these were the best 4 ways which we have personally tried to save a webpage as image or pdf on phone and computer. Do let us know which method you liked more, and why in the comments down below.

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