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3 Ways to Get Drag and Drop Feature on Windows 11 Taskbar

With the introduction of the newly launched Windows 11 OS, Microsoft removed the taskbar’s drag and drop feature which was supported in previous versions. However, there are several workarounds to bring it back. In this read, we have listed 3 working ways to get the drag and drop feature back in Windows 11.

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Get Drag and Drop Feature on Windows 11 Taskbar

Try Alt+Tab Method to Simulate Drag and Drop Feature

One of the simplest workarounds to achieve the taskbar’s drag and drop functionality in Windows 11 is to use the Alt+Tab method. Follow these simple steps to achieve the same.

  • Click and drag the file that you wish to use in the desired app using this feature.

  • Now with your mouse button pressed with the dragged file, switch your window by pressing the Alt+Tab key combination and open your desired app window.

  • Release your mouse button with the dragged file here to open/use it in your desired application.

  • That’s it. You’ve successfully opened your file inside your desired application using the drag and drop feature similar to taskbar functionality.

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Use Free Third-Party Tools/Scripts to Enable Drag and Drop Feature

Another effective fix to enable the drag and drop feature in your Windows 11 taskbar is to use a free tool/script available on Github. Follow these steps to achieve the same.

  • Double-click on the downloaded file to install it. Click on the Run Anyway button if prompted by the Microsoft Installer.

  • That’s it. The tool will now start automatically on your Windows 11 system. Try dragging a file to your taskbar and then pick the desired app window in which you wish to open it.

Congrats. You can now easily use this feature in your Windows 11 taskbar.

Bonus Tip: Install Official Microsoft Store App to Use this Feature

Another working method to enable the drag and drop feature in your Windows 11 taskbar is to use an official Microsoft app providing the same functionality. Follow these steps for an easy fix.

  • Open the Microsoft Store app in your Windows 11 system.

  • This app will now launch a separate notch-shaped taskbar at the top-middle center of your screen.
  • You can drag your file to this mini taskbar to open your file in the desired application.

  • Your dragged file will instantly open in your chosen application.

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Wrapping Up: Move Files Easily with Drag and Drop

We hope that you’ve now successfully learned to bring back the drag and drop feature on your Windows 11 taskbar using the above-tested methods. If this quick read has helped you to boost your productivity, then hit the Like button and share this guide among your friends to assist them as well. Stay tuned for more such informative reads.

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