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[For Indians] How To Submit Your Tax Information in Google AdSense to Avoid 30% Deduction

Google recently announced new guidelines on March 9, 2021, for all those Youtube creators, bloggers who are located outside the US. The said announcement stated that if you are a monetizing creator located outside the US then later in 2021, Google will start deducting tax from your US earnings. You are required to submit your tax information in Google AdSense, in order to reduce this tax deduction (if your country is eligible as a Tax Treaty/Rebate with the US).

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What if I don’t submit my tax info? Will the tax still be deducted?

Yes, even if you don’t submit your tax information in AdSense, the tax will still be deducted from your earnings. But it will have an impact on the overall Global earnings, and Google will deduct up to 24% from your Worldwide total earnings. Because according to law Google will assume you as a US citizen by default, and you need to pay double tax (to the US and your own country as well).

How much tax will be deducted if I submit my tax info?

The tax amount can vary between 0-30% depending on the country of your channel or blog. Google will be deducting it from your monthly US earnings only.

Why is this happening?

According to Chapter 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code, Google is required to collect tax information from all the monetizing creators who are outside the US. Also, in certain instances, to deduct taxes when these creators earn income from viewers in the US. Here Income means any revenue generated from Ads, Youtube Premium, SuperChats, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships.

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Who is required to submit the tax info?

Every monetizing creator or blogger, whether having an Individual or Business Profile is required to submit the Tax Info. Even if you are paid by an MCN (Multi-Channel Network), you are still required to submit your Tax Info, to the AdSense account linked to your Channel.

What is the deadline to submit this tax info?

According to Google, you need to submit your Tax Infomation in Adsense latest by May 31, 2021. But they recommend doing it before May 20, 2021, to get your payment in time. If you fail to submit this Tax Info by May 31, 2021, then until Google receives your required details, they will straight away deduct 24% from your total global revenue.

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How can I submit my tax information in AdSense?

Submitting your Tax Info is very easy, don’t worry as we know Tax is a very important and sensitive subject, we are here to help you. We will guide you through the process.

  • Login to your AdSense Account
  • Go to Payments from the category bar on the left
  • Click on Manage Settings
  • Go to Manage Tax Info, under United States Tax Info
  • Click On Add Tax Info (You need to re-enter your AdSense ID and Password)
  • You need to choose your account type between Individual (majority of the users) and Non-Individual/Entity (Business Profile). Click Next.
  • Mention whether you are a Citizen or a Resident of the US, choose accordingly. Click Next.
  • Now you’ll see two different forms
    • W-8BEN: This is for non-US Individual creators, this form is used to claim Tax Treaty benefit
    • W-8ECI: This is for non-US Business Entity or Individual, who earns from US trade or business, and files an Income Tax Return in the US.
  • Choose the form accordingly and click on Start Form.

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Fill W-8BEN Form in Google AdSense

  • You need to enter your Tax Identity.
    • Fill in your Legal Name
    • If you are also running a Business Channel or Blog with a different name from the owner’s name (for example your name).
    • Then fill in the DBA Name or disregarded entity name. [Individuals running a channel with a different name need not fill this]
    •  Select the country in which you are a citizen, from the drop-down menu.

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  • After filling in your Tax Identity, next is your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), it may be called something else in your country. In the case of India, it is your Permanent Account Number (PAN).
    • Enter your TIN in the Foreign TIN field
    • Click on Next.
  • The next step is to fill in your Address details. You need to enter the address linked to your AdSense Account. Also, you need to fill in your Postal Address, if it is the same as Permanent Resident Address (filled in just now), then simply click the checkbox. Click Next.
  •  Now comes the main step, to submit your Tax Treaty/Rebate details:
    • In order to claim the reduction in a tax deduction, click on Yes.
    • Click on the check box.
    • Select your country.
  • Moving to the Special Rates (it may be different depending on your country). Select the checkbox which applies to you, and you generate income out of it.
    • Select the appropriate article number from the drop-down menu, and choose the lower withholding rate from the next drop-down menu.
    • Click on the checkbox under the opted mode, and
    • Click on Next.
  • After submitting all your info, Google AdSense will generate a form with all your details filled in for each income mode opted for in the last step.
    • Make sure to open the form and double-check your details.
    • Once checked, click on confirm checkbox, and hit Next.
  • Next is the certification and disclosure step, do read all the points mentioned in the form, and enter your Full Legal Name. Next, you need to disclose whether:
    • You are the one filling your own from, or
    •  You are an Agent, Legal Executor, Guardian, Parent, or Power of Attorney Holder, etc. of the required individual or business, and filling this form on their behalf.
    • Click Next
  • Activities and Services performed in the US, this is to disclose whether you
    • As an Individual or Taxable Entity have performed any activities or services for Google in the US. In most cases, it will be No, so choose accordingly and click on the checkbox.
    • Now the next step is very important:
      • If you have not yet received a single payment in your AdSense account, even before or at the time of filling this form, then click on the first option.
      • But if you have ever received payment before or at the time filling this form, then click on the second option.
      • Click on the checkbox
    • Hit the Big Submit Button.

That’s it. You have submitted all the requires Tax Info, and now you will see this screen stating Approved and the Claimed next to the selected modes of incomes and corresponding rate to it.

Now that you have filled in your US Tax details properly, any income generated by US viewership will subject to deductions mentioned in the last screen. It will automatically deduct and you need not do anything else for this.

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I hope with our help, you would be able to submit your tax information in Google AdSense properly. If you face any issues then you can reach out to us or Google and keep on creating awesome content you’ve joined the platform for.

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