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3 Best Platforms for Crypto Based Loan in India, How They Work, Key Features

Cryptocurrency has seen a massive rise across the globe as well as in India this year with millions of new investors joining in. Following this, some crypto exchanges have started lending crypto-based loans in India. These loans allow you to get money on behalf of your cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin without actually having to sell them off. In this article, we will discuss crypto-based loans, their key features, and the platforms that lend crypto-based loans in India.

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Crypto-Based Loan in India

Crypto-based loans get you a loan for the current value of your crypto without having to sell them. People who take these loans are called Borrowers, and the process of taking a loan is called Borrowing.

How do Crypto loans work?

Your crypto-assets can be used as security to get a cash loan on behalf of it. The loan amount and interest rate depend upon your crypto's value. You can get around 50-60% value of your total crypto holdings.

Your crypto will be locked for the loan duration. It can't be traded or sold till you have replayed after which it will be unlocked and handed back to you.

Crypto Loans Key Features

This is a great option with high-value cryptocurrencies. One can get a good value for their crypto and get a loan to use or invest in other places without having to sell their cryptocurrency. Here are some key features of such loans:

1. Chances of Profit

If you believe that the value of your crypto will increase in the loan period then you will be making a profit but since crypto value changes unpredictably, if it dips down then you will be at loss.

2. Lower Interest Rate

Crypto loans have a generally lower annual interest rate of 12-15% compared to traditional loans which can go up to 24% with a 2-3% processing fee. This interest fee is decided by the community or the exchange platform based on the value of the crypto.

3. Loan Without KYC

Some Crypto exchange platforms allow you to get a loan without any background checks or KYC. So you can get a loan easily just based on the cryptocurrency holdings that you want to lend as security for the loan. This lets you maintain anonymity and speeds up the process.

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Best Platforms for Crypto Based Loans in India

Now, that you have a clear understanding of crypto-based loans and how they work, let us look at some of the best platforms that allow you to get these loans. These platforms are listed in no particular order.


CoinDCX is one of the most well-known and trusted crypto exchanges here in India and other than trading, it offers a host of crypto-related services as well. Among all of them are lending and borrowing. CoinDCX allows lending and borrowing in 12 different cryptocurrencies and it is a very reliable option for borrowing.

For more information, you can visit this page.

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Binance is another big name in the list of top crypto exchanges. Just like CoinDCX, it is trustable with proper support teams. Binance provides you with loans on several different cryptocurrencies. It calculates your interest hourly, and you can get a loan for as long as six months. You should check out their FAQ page for more information.


Cashaa is a UK-based platform that acts more like an exchange and a digital bank for cryptocurrencies. It is slowly growing its user base in India and very recently launched an option to allow users to get a loan against their crypto assets. The best part is that it allows you to get a loan without any KYC just based on the value of your crypto.

They also offer enticing options for users who open a savings account on Cashaa. You can visit the Cashaa website for more info.

Wrapping Up

There is a fundamental risk involved with crypto-based loans. But they are still a good opportunity to get loans using your idle holdings. We discussed different aspects and platforms from where you can get these loans, and we hope you now have a clear idea and understanding of crypto-based loans in India.

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