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5 Ways to Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Seen (2023)

Do you want to read Instagram messages without being seen or letting the other person know? Well, there are ways to read WhatsApp messages without seen, but what about Instagram? Unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t let you hide read receipts. Anyway, we have some tricks to view Instagram DMs without marking them as read. Additionally, if you use Instagram at night, check out how to use dark mode in Instagram on all devices.

Read Instagram Direct Messages without Being Seen

Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Seen

There are several ways to check Instagram DMs without sending out the read receipts. You can use Instagram’s restrict feature, disable your internet, or even use third-party services. Read all the methods in detail below.

Method 1- Read Instagram Messages Without Seen by Restricting

In 2019, Instagram introduced a feature to restrict people to curb bullying on the platform. When you limit a person, Instagram hides their comments on your posts from other people, and their messages are moved to the requests section. Here’s more on restricting on Instagram.

Now, reading messages in requests doesn’t mark them as seen. The other person never knows whether you’ve read their message or not. So, an easy way to read Instagram direct messages without being seen is to restrict the other person and then check the messages in the requests section, as follows:

1. Open Instagram on your phone.

2. Head to the person’s profile whose direct messages you want to read without marking them as seen.

3. Click the three-dot menu at the top right corner. Select Restrict from the available options.

4. Click on Restrict Account to confirm.

5. Now, click the Message button on the person’s profile.

You’ll now be able to read all the Instagram messages without letting the other person know. You can go back to their profile and unrestrict them. The messages will still not be marked as seen, and you can take your own time to respond.

Method 2- Turn Off Wifi/ Data to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

Turning off the internet of the simplest ways to read any Instagram message without marking it as seen. However, it doesn’t work well for images or videos. Also, the messages will be marked as read as soon as you return online.

1. Turn off your phone’s mobile data or WiFi connection to make it offline.

2. Now, go to Instagram’s direct messages tab. Read the received message.

3. Next, Android users can go to their phone’s Settings > Apps > Instagram > Force Stop it so that it no longer runs in the background.

You can now go back online, and the message won’t be marked as seen unless you open the Instagram app. For iPhone users, I suggest staying offline until you’re ready to deal with the message. Because as soon as you go online, it’ll be marked as read.

Method 3- Disable Internet & Log Out to Secretly Read Instagram Message

This is very similar to the trick above. However, it doesn’t carry the risk of marking the message as seen if you accidentally go online or Instagram connects to the internet in the background. Here’s how it works:

1. Disable your phone’s mobile data or WiFi connection to make it offline.

2. Open the Instagram direct message you want to read secretly.

3. While offline, go to Instagram Settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Log Out.

4. OR, you can directly clear the Instagram app’s data from your phone’s settings.

5. You will now be logged out of the Instagram app.

6. You can now connect back to the internet- the message won’t be marked as read.

Method 4- Third-Party Services to Read Instagram Messages Without Seen

 Read Instagram Direct Messages without Being Seen

Several third-party services let you connect and read your Instagram messages without letting the other user know. For instance, AirGrow allows you to read direct messages without sending read receipts. It also has the option to send your Instagram messages over email.

This way, you can read the DMs received directly from your email app without having to open Instagram. However, we generally don’t prefer this method as other methods are fairly easy. Also, they bring certain privacy risks- use only if you can trust these third-party services about your data.

Method 5- Read Instagram Messages from Notifications

Another age-old yet very efficient method to read Instagram messages without marking them as read is through notifications. When you receive an Instagram DM, don’t just rush to open it.

On Android

If you’re using an Android phone, you can expand and read the message by clicking the down arrow next to the notification. But be careful- if you accidentally tap the notification, it will open the message and mark it as seen.

If messages are not visible completely or you’ve swiped the notification away, you can use Android’s Notification History feature to read the messages. Here’s how it works:

1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

2. Click on Notifications.

3. Next, select Notification History.

Here, you can scroll down to secretly read Instagram messages without marking them as read.

On iPhone or iPad

Instagram messages arrive as separate notifications on iOS. Once you’ve received multiple messages, you can tap the message stack to expand the notification and read all the Instagram direct messages. However, ensure you do not tap if there’s a single message- it will open the Instagram app and mark it as read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Read Instagram Direct Message Without Marking Them As Seen?

You can read direct messages on Instagram without marking them as seen or read using multiple methods mentioned above. The easiest way is to use Instagram’s restriction feature. But you can also use other techniques like turning off the internet, logging out once you’re read the DM, or relying on a third-party service.

Q. How Do Others Know if You Have Read Their Instagram Message?

Instagram does not show any ticks to mark the message as read. Instead, it shows “Seen“, which appears below the message once it has been read or opened. This way, the other party can check if you have read their message or not.

Q. Is an Instagram Message Marked as Read if You Read It Through Notifications?

No. You can keep an Instagram message in the notification panel and read it for as long as you want to. Instagram will not show the seen status unless you open and read the message.

Enjoy Reading Instagram Messages Without Seen

These were some quick ways to see or read Instagram direct messages without marking them as seen on Android and iPhone. I hope this will help you read conversations without notifying the other person and give you enough time to respond if you’re busy. Do let me know if you have any other method in your mind. Stay tuned for more such tips, tricks, and how-tos.

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