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Top 10 Instagram 2023 Tips, Tricks You Should Know

We all use Instagram daily as it has become part of our daily routine, be it sharing something in form of pictures, videos, stories, or reels; or checking out those shared by your friends or family. Today I’ll be sharing the top 10 Instagram tips you should know in 2022, to maintain your tech-savviness in your friend and family group.

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Instagram Tips and Tricks to Know in 2022

Download Reels with Audio for Free

Instagram Reels are fun to watch, isn’t it? There are reels of different categories, some are sweet and fun, some reels share important information, and some reels teach you new things. If you want to save those reels to your phone gallery, so they can be shared on any platform or with someone who is not on Instagram.

You can check out our detailed guide to where we have shared 5 ways to download Instagram Reels with Audio for Free.

See Someone’s Instagram Story Without Letting them Know

At times you like to see someone’s Instagram stories, but don’t want them to know that you’ve seen their stories, due for any reason. However though WhatsApp and Instagram fall under the same organizational umbrella, still no such feature is built into Instagram as of now. Worry not we have a workaround for this, there are some tools that let you watch and download Instagram stories of anyone.

  • Visit
  • Type in the Instagram username of the account whose story you want to see
  •  Click on Continue
  • You can also download and share the story on any platform

Note: This trick doesn’t work on Private accounts

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Read Instagram Messages Privately without Read Receipts

Another useful feature that WhatsApp has, and Instagram doesn’t is the ability to turn off read receipts for Instagram Direct Messages. This can become problematic when you accidentally read someone’s DM, to whom you don’t want to reply at all. And the other person is now asking you to reply. To overcome this problem you can check out our detailed guide to read Instagram messages without being seen.

Post Instagram Pictures with Music

One of many reasons behind the success of reels on Instagram is the trending music people add to them. Music is an easy way to grab someone’s attention and increase your post’s reach. Till now music was available only for Videos and reels, but now we have an option to add music to pictures on Instagram, but only on new posts. Check out our detailed guide to know how can you add music to Instagram pictures.

Post same Picture/Video/Reel with your Partner/Friend on Instagram on both accounts

You must have thought about posting a picture/video/reel with your friend on both your’s as well as your friend’s account. For this, you used to either tag your friend resulting in the post appearing in his/her tagged section, or repeat the complete uploading process from your friend’s account as well. Well now Instagram has made the process very easy, with the collaboration feature, you can post the exact same thing on both accounts with a single click.

Check out our guide as to how to post in collaboration on Instagram with your friend.

Share Tweets Directly in Instagram Stories

If you are someone who uses both Twitter and Instagram a lot, then you must have felt the pain of posting the contents of your tweet on Instagram again. Even posting a screenshot of the tweet in Instagram stories is a process in itself, as you need to take a screenshot, crop it, format it for stories and explain relevance (if required).

Well, not anymore, as now Instagram supports sharing a tweet directly in the form of stories, which is clickable to read the complete context of the Tweet. For this, you need to have an iPhone or iPad because as of now this feature is only available on Apple devices, check out our guide to share tweets to Insta stories. This feature will roll out to Android soon.

Add Customisable Link To Instagram Stories

Earlier only those users who have more than 10,000 followers were allowed to add a swipe-up link to their Instagram stories. Now, Instagram has changed things up a bit, allowing all Instagram users even if they have less than 10,000, to add a link to stories. You can check out our guide to add links to Instagram Stories, the best part is you can even customize the text of the link.

Reply to Comment With Instagram Reels

Another cool and useful Instagram feature you should know in 2022, is that now you can reply to comments with a reels video, where the comment will appear as a sticker. This feature is useful especially for creators, brands, or influencers who get a lot of similar comments on Instagram so that we don’t need to answer the same question again and again. You can check our detailed guide about how to reply with a reels video.

Check Who Unfollowed On Instagram

You must have experienced when someone asked you to follow them, in exchange to follow you. Later after some time, they unfollow you, and Instagram doesn’t offer any easy way to track who unfollowed you. There are some third-party apps, to keep track of people who unfollowed you, one such app is Followers and Unfollowers, you just need to log in to your Instagram account on the app, and it generates the complete list of people who unfollowed after your login into the Unfollowers app.

Save Mobile Data While Watching Reels

We all use Instagram and watch a lot of reels, watching so many high-quality reels, consumes a lot of data. And if you are not connected to Wifi, then in no time, your Mobile data will be exhausted. We have a detailed guide to save mobile data on Instagram, which will come in handy for those places where you don’t have access to Wifi.

So these were the top 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks you should know and use in 2022. Stay tuned for more amazing tech tips and tricks.

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