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8 Effective AI Tools to Fix Your Old Photos Online for Free

A photograph serves as a return ticket to an otherwise lost moment. That said, if you have an old ‘worn-out’ photo of your favorite memory, you can bring it back to life by restoring and enhancing its quality online for free. After testing a bunch of tools, we have shared the best effective AI tools, to help you fix your old photos online for free with a few clicks. Additionally, you can learn to increase image resolution and size without losing its quality.

Fix Old Photos for Free

Best Online AI Tools to Enhance Your Old Photos for Free

Gone are the days when you had to pay a hefty amount to image-editing professionals to fix any old blurred photograph. With the right tools and methods, you can rejuvenate any old photograph for free in no time. Let’s quickly look at different free online AI tools to fix your noisy old photographs.

Fix Old Photos Online With Vance AI Photo Restoration Tool

The Vance AI Photo Restoration tool is a remarkable online app to fix all irregularities and distortions in your old photos. Here’s how you can use this tool to your advantage.

1. Access Vance AI Photo Restoration tool in a web browser and click the Upload Image button to upload your old photo.

2. Next, click the Restore button and enable the ‘Colorize Black and White Photo‘ option to fix and colorize your uploaded black and white photo.

3. Wait a few seconds to let the app process your image. Note that you might have to wait a little longer to get the results if you’re using it for free.

4. Once processed, click the Download Image button to export the final repaired photo to your device. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can click the Edit button to process it again.

Fix Old Photos for Free


  • Sharpens and Colorizes the Old Photograph simultaneously.
  • The Resolution of the Final Image remains the same.
  • Automatically removes scratches, spots, and sepia shade from the uploaded photo.
  • Available online as well as a PC app.


  • Requires credit to process images. Once it expires, you either have to create a new account or purchase a premium subscription.
  • Colorizing the image shifts the image temperature to a warmer tone.

Use Remini Photo AI Enhancer to Fix Old Photos Online for Free

The Remini Photo AI Enhancer is another good online tool that uses Artificial intelligence to fix old blurry photographs. Follow these steps for an easy fix.

1. Visit the Remini Web Photo Enhancer tool on a web browser.

2. Next, click the Choose File button to upload your desired old photo.

3. Further, enable processing filters on the left sidebar, including Glow and Color Correction, and press the Apply button to enhance the uploaded image.

4. Once processed, you can adjust the image slider to view the image before and after the changes.

Fix Old Photos for Free

5. Since this tool requires a subscription to download the processed image, you can take a screenshot of the final processed image to export it to your system.


  • Easy-to-use toggle buttons to apply enhancement filters to the old image.
  • Compare the before and after changes in real time with the adjustment slider.


  • Downloading the image without a watermark requires buying a subscription.
  • Unlike other tools, enhancement filters are limited.

Utilize AI Image Enhancer tool by Neural. love

Besides Remini, the AI Enhancer tool is a nifty alternative to fix irregular old photographs. Check out these easy steps for enhancing the quality of old photographs.

1. Visit the AI Image Enhancer tool website by Neural. love and click the Upload Image button to upload your old photograph.

2. Once uploaded, turn on the filters for Quality Enhance, Sharpen/Unblur, and Facial Restoration to apply them while processing the image.

Fix Old Photos for Free

Note: This app requires creating a new account to use the Image Enhancer tool. Once signed up, you will get some free credits that can be redeemed to apply filters to your uploaded image.

3. Finally, click the Start processing button to fix and rebuild your old photograph.

4. Once the processing completes, click the Download button to export the fixed old photograph to your system.

Fix Old Photos for Free


  • You can enhance an old image to 4 times its current resolution for free.
  • Editing the image is quick with easy-to-use toggles.


  • Requires credit to restore old photos.
  • Some enhancement features require a paid subscription.

Try PhotoBooth Photo Restoration Tool to Fix Old Photos Online

As the name suggests, the PhotoBooth Photo restoration tool uses several filters to fix old photographs’ distortions. Once these filters are applied, the image becomes as good as new. Here’s how you can use it to restore your photos.

1. Go to the PhotoBooth Photo Restoration tool and click the Upload Photo button to upload the old photograph for enhancement.

Fix Old Photos for Free

2. Once uploaded, the tool will automatically apply four correction filters to fix the old image, such as Color correction, Damage correction, and light/marks correction.

3. Once processed, click the Download button to save the fixed old image to your device.

Fix Old Photos for Free


  • Easy two-step photo enhancer.
  • Can process multiple images simultaneously.


  • The entire photo restoration process is automated and doesn’t provide additional options to adjust the intensity of various correction filters.

Use Fotor Online Photo Restore Tool

Fotor is another useful online tool popular for restoring old photographs in a jiffy. Follow these steps to use this tool to your advantage.

1. Go to the Fotor Photo Editing workspace and click the Open Image button to upload your desired old photo.

2. Next, click the 1-tap enhance option to fix various distortions in your blurred image.

3. Once processed, click the Download button in the top-right corner and sign up to export the image. Alternatively, you can capture a screenshot and save the image to your device without creating an account.

Fix Old Photos for Free


  • Provides plenty of features to fine-tune the old photo.
  • The final results are very accurate, with clear visibility of image contents.


  • The final image is watermarked.
  • Requires a premium subscription to remove the watermark logo from images.

Sharpen and Fix Old Photos Online With Picwish Image Sharpener

If your old photograph is blurry, sharpening it might improve the visibility of its contents. That said, the PicWish Image Sharpening tool is an excellent online tool that sharpens blurry photos in a few clicks. Here’s how you can utilize this tool.

1. Access PicWish’s Image Sharpening tool and click the Upload Image button to upload an old photograph for correction.

2. Wait a few seconds to let the tool fix your image and move the slider to see the processed changes.

3. If you’re satisfied with the results, click the Download button in the top-right corner to export and save it to your device.

Fix Old Photos for Free


  • The resolution of the processed image stays intact with improved quality.
  • You can view changes in real-time by adjusting the slider.


  • Sometimes the uploaded image gets oversharpened, worsening the image visibility.

Use Image Colorizer to Breath New Colors into Old Photos

Last but not least is the Image Colorizer tool which quickly fixes distortions in the uploaded image and adds natural colors to objects and faces. Follow these steps to fix and colorize your old photos using this free online tool.

1. Visit the Image Colorizer tool page and scroll down to locate the Drop Files section to upload your old image.

Fix Old Photos for Free

2. Once uploaded, click the Start button to fix all irregularities in your image.

3. Finally, click the Download button to save the fixed image to your device.

Fix Old Photos for Free

4. The difference between the uploaded and processed image is remarkable.

Fix Old Photos for Free

Colorized Old Image


  • Simple Interface.
  • Supports a wide range of image formats.
  • The final results are quite realistic, making it stand out from other apps.


  • The tool only colorizes the image with less sharpening making it blur out certain portions.

Bonus: Unblur and Sharpen Blurry Photos on a Phone or PC

Often at times, we end up capturing a blurry or shaken photo while clicking from a smartphone. But fret not; we have researched easy ways to unblur and sharpen such photos in a jiffy. Check out our detailed guide to unblur and sharpen blurry photos on your Phone and PC.


Q: How to Repair Old Damaged Photos Online for Free?

A: There are a bunch of tools available to fix your photos, we have tested and picked the best ones. Follow the above guide to fix and repair old photos online for free.

Q: Can You Enhance the Image Quality of Old Photographs Online?

A: Yes, we have handpicked and listed several effective tools that use Artificial Intelligence to rebuild the quality of old photographs for free in this explainer.

Q: How to Colorize an Old Black-And-White Photograph?

A: You can use the ImageColorizer tool to colorize any old photograph easily. For more details, refer to the seventh method mentioned above.

Wrapping Up: Rejuvenate your Favorite Old Snaps!

We hope you’ve grabbed some nifty methods from this read to, fix your old photos for free and breathe new life into your favorite memories. If you find it useful, spread the word with your friends. Check the below links for more interesting walkthroughs, and stay tuned to GadgetsToUse for more such reads.

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